Sunday, June 5, 2016

Zero Hour

Greetings all,

Welcome to the end, or the beginning.  Weeks that begin with a 3 day weekend are always a bit odd for me.  My schedule gets thrown off, the days seem to move around on me.  In this space of time out of time we can have a tendency to recross our own tracks.

Everywhere I've been lately I've been seeing the number zero.  Often I've seen triple zeros on license plates.  That's not a common numerical sequence on a plate.  I've ended up at mile marker zero multiple times as well.  As I have stated in multiple blogs, I get omens.  I think it is to help with how dense or stubborn I can be when the universe wants my attention.  If we were in a movie we'd call it a glitch in the matrix.  Zeros can be highly significant.  The concept of the number zero was a mathematical innovation.  It gave sophistication to the Mayan calendar's long count (a calendar that was more accurate than our own), and allowed for place holders allowing for tallying infinitely larger numbers with just ten numerals in our own system.  Zero is nothing but allows us to create infinite combinations.  It is the number of the void, the womb of creation.  Zero is also the end of a countdown, when we reach it...KABOOM!  (Well depending on whether this is an action movie or not that is).

The Tarot card The Fool is assigned the number zero.  I certainly feel like a fool right now.  Not in the sense of being an idiot (although I have my clueless moments), but in the sense of having no particular plan or encoded direction.  I've come to the end of a phase and I'm not quite started out on my next journey of intention.  It can be an unsettling place to be.  Many of the primary actors in my life have exited stage left.  I haven't yet chosen the theme for the next act.  In this case my zero sign could be telling me something.  I have a chance to start with a clean slate.  Perhaps it is a good time to really take a deeper look at what I am still carrying around with me.  If zero is the void, then I am incubating right now.  I may want to purge some of the cargo in the hold so that I"m only growing what I really want in the next phase.

I have been revisiting old places, relationships, and thoughts that I have passed through in my life lately.  I've said goodbye to friends who have passed on, and I am letting others go slowly with love.  When the stage scenery is whisked off at intermission it can be dizzying.  So I think, and I could be wrong, that the zero is letting me know I'm in a between space.  Just like zero is a place holder for a decimal, it is acting as breather before the next change will hit.  Now is the time to make some decisions, to consider what now.  What do I leave behind, and what do I move towards?  I wish I could say that was comforting, but it is change and all change even good change is stressful.  Perhaps though that is one idea I should set aside now that I'm in the pause.

How about you?  Are you seeing signs?  Are you at that special between space in your life where you're not quite moving toward one thing or another?  Have you set sail with no destination?  Do you need a destination, or do you trust destiny?  I wish I could offer you some sage advice, but we're at the zero hour and nothing has materialized yet.  We are pre conceptual right now, and in this instance you are on your own to set your direction.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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