Saturday, March 26, 2016

Passing it On

Greetings all,

The glory of spring is upon us.  I've felt its magic bursting forth in the life all around me.  This year it has hit me harder than in years past.  Maybe because death has paid a few visits to my circles this year.

It's been a little over a month now since a very good friend of mine passed on to whatever is next.  He had been sick for a while.  I had the privilege of helping him continue to do what he loved.  He was able to follow his passion until almost the very last days of his life.  In a few weeks I'll be heading up to the Victory of Light Expo to present a lecture and do my first public book signing.  It would have been the 6th year I would have been in my friend's booth.  It's very bittersweet for me.  The signing and presenting at one of the region's largest and most well run psychic fairs is a huge achievement, but the absence of the Tomstones booth and the man himself weigh heavily on me.  (Even heavier than moving that 60 pound shiva lingum stone).

I have purposefully waited to write about this in my blog.  It was too close and too soon to say anything.  Today though my friend continued his work even though he has left his body.  Standing beside him for so many fairs I heard much of what he said to all the people who came to the booth.  I remember many of the things he would teach people with the stone spirits.  This afternoon I was in a little magic store dropping off a copy of my book to the owner when a customer came in and was talking about how they needed to learn to block people's energy.  They were apparently highly empathic and it was a constant struggle.  Without even thinking I went over to them and asked them if I could show them a technique.  I picked up a piece of hematite and handed it to them and out of my mouth came the words that my friend Tom said over and over at the fairs.  They learned to make the shield with a hematite stone to block out everyone's energies except those they consciously invite in.  For that moment, he was alive again in the room with us.  It felt good to pass on what he taught and know that even though I won't hear his voice out loud again (not for many years at least) that his impact on the world will continue to ripple outwards helping others.

What we have is not ours to keep.  We have to give it away.  Our knowledge, our love and our passion must all be sent out into the world.  If they aren't they die with us.  As a shamanic practitioner I know death isn't the ultimate end, but it is still an ending.  We want our loved ones to stay with us, it's natural to miss them and not want them to leave.  I've been fortunate in that most of my family tend to be long lived.  At this moment I still have one living grandparent, and I am grateful for that each day.  It will be a hard day when that changes.

Death comes to us all.  We are all just passing through.  Still as more good people depart it is so hard to accept.  The message from spirit has been a great light has moved on and now the rest of us must shine brighter to keep the light burning.  So I work harder sharing what I have learned sending it out into the world just like these blog posts.  Like a message in a bottle someday it will touch a distant shore and be read, maybe giving comfort, or direction to someone in need of it.

So what about you?  Whom have you lost?  What precious piece of them did they pass on to you?  Do you share the gifts that they imparted on you?  Do you share your own gifts and grace with those around you?  If you are keeping it all inside you it might be time to open the old cabinets where we lock our precious memories and loves.  Within ourselves we can treasure what we have, but it serves no one to keep it all to ourselves.  Bring forth what is inside you, gift it to those who will carry it with them.  Pass it on and then one day you will touch those that never knew you in life.  You will leave your mark upon them and the world.   It is the small gestures of kindness and generosity that will ultimately change our world for the better.  As for me I intend to honor my friend by shining brightly and toasting to his spirit at our favorite sushi place.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle


  1. Beautiful Thomas! Thank you for sharing and shining your light in the world!

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. We do get to carry their love and share it and in all doing keep them alive. Beautifully shared.

  3. Thank you, Thomas. Your message is so important and so timely.

  4. SUCH A GREAT TRIBUTE! Thank you for keeping Tom alive in the moment :) Long distance HUGS!!!