Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh Coyote Where Art Thou

Greetings all,

I am home at last.  So whenever I leave for a good length of time it seems when I come home everything is in flux. The universe has decided it is time I spread my wings and fly higher.  I knew something was coming because Coyote has been showing up.

In modern American culture most of us were first acquainted with Coyote as children via looney tunes.  Remember poor old Wile E Coyote, Super Genius?  The cartoons did get one thing right, Coyote is clever.  Traditionally Coyote also got into a lot of trouble with his meddling, however there was no Acme TNT involved.  Coyote also had it out for authority figures, particularly those that take themselves too seriously or take advantage of the less fortunate.  He is not fond of rules or protocols.  Coyote is that friend your mother warned you about, the one who will get you dragged into all sorts of trouble.  Well, it seems he's taken an interest in me, how lucky for me.

It began over a month ago with a statue.  My uncle brought it back with him while he was closing up his house out west.  It's nearly life-size, but highly stylized.  It is of course Coyote although painted more like fox (a medicine I carry). Message number one went completely over my head.  I admit it sometimes I am dense.  Message number two was a bit more revealing.  I dreamed a little dream of Coyote walking along one of the pathways near my home.  I was with family and I threw sticks because I didn't want him getting too close.  Upon waking, I knew it was a message and that he was trying to reach me.  I didn't wait for message number three, I sought out Coyote in the lower world in a journey.  I call him Laughing Dog because the first time I met him he looked at me and said, "It's you!" Then he starting laughing at me and wouldn't stop. This time when I met him he was not alone he had his pack all around him.  He was half serious even.  He told me he had something to show me.

Laughing Dog ran and took me to a cliff side.  Ahead there were mountains and above them dark clouds with flashing lights and shadows moving behind them.  "Storm's coming," he said.  This was the future and it was fast approaching.  For the record, this is not the sort of thing you'd enjoy seeing in a journey.  This was inevitability,  it was unstoppable and it was heading my way.  So Laughing Dog did something, for good or ill he offered me his help.  I paused for a good long moment, I looked at my power animal who managed to shrug.  This was one of those free will things.  I considered Laughing Dog's reputation for causing as much trouble with his assistance as with his hindering.  Still at the end of it all I came to this.  I'd rather have the Coyote on my side than working against me, and help offered in good faith by a willing spirit shouldn't be so easily tossed aside.  I accepted Laughing Dog's offer of aid in the coming storm.

Well folks the storm is upon me.  I am in the midst of it as I write these words.  My foundations have been shaken and torn out beneath my feet.  All is change.  Coyote is master of change…usually.  Well he's adaptable, he's even been sighted in my neighborhood.  As uncomfortable as it may be I know he has things to teach me.  Aside from adaptability, Coyote really doesn't care much about what others think of him.  This is something I need to learn a bit of.  He's not exactly a worrier either and I could definitely take a page out of that playbook.  So here I am playing co-op with Coyote, it isn't clear who is winning at the moment, but with a good attitude and a bit of luck I'm sure we'll pull through.

So I've talked a lot about myself and my experiences this week, but I have noticed that many people around me are going through similar things.  There are big changes afoot, and many of us are anxious or down right scared.  Our lives seem to be falling apart around us, what we've relied upon for so long is no longer there for us.  The storm has come, the winds of change are blowing, and if we listen carefully we may hear Coyote singing.  Ask yourself how adaptable are you? Can you master change?  Is there an area of your life where the Laughing Dog could assist you?  Coyote is here and he is laughing, if we are flexible and brave we may be able to laugh with him.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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