Saturday, August 1, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

Greetings all,

I solemnly swear I am not ranting this week.  I've been gearing up in preparation for the blue moon which was also a super moon rising on Lammas eve.  I've also been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Gettysburg to teach my first out of town workshop.  I've been doing my flight of the bumble bee impression between collapsing into semi coma states.  Yes apparently I still haven't found the settings dial for me, I'm either on or off.

The thing about blue moons is that to our ancestors they really weren't all that special.  A lot of the old world calendars were lunar so there was never more than one full moon a month.  In the past ten years I have become more interested in the lunar cycles and do my best to work with the celestial energies.  I was once told in a meditation that I would follow the path of the moon.  I mean come on my name is Mooneagle, that silver orb is bound to have some significance for me.

As I look back blue moons have actually coincided with some pretty pivotal moments.  I received my first Reiki attunement on a blue moon.  I moved into my office space and called in the wards to seal, empower, and protect it on another blue moon.  I've been away at workshops that have altered the entire style of my artwork during them too.  So while there may not be a big mystical meaning there is great personal meaning for the blue moon in my life.  Now to be truthful I do scour the calendars looking for significant correspondences.  I'm all for taking advantage of any energies that will boost my goals a bit.

There may be some value in this.  By choosing a time and making it sacred I give myself one of those permission slips to my unconscious mind.  This loosens up the restraints I have on what I believe can be accomplished.  This is Dumbo's magic feather (without racist crow cartoon characters).  It doesn't even matter that I know that I'm doing it, because I still feel like it is special.  The feeling is what counts when we're working with the subconscious.  Stuff gets labelled as important when we have strong feelings associated with it.  That's pretty much a ticket to long term memory storage.  It's nice when we can get that to work for us rather than against us.

So how about you?  Do you find the moon, the stars, or planets to be partnering up with the Fates for you or against you?  Do you have a season that tends to be yours in terms of moving forward and making strides in your life?  Maybe the month of your birth is the turning point for you, maybe it's a holiday.  Maybe it is when the light changes and the first green returns to a cold gray land.  What would happen if you made use of that association?  What if you planned your moves to get your subconscious to give you a boost?  Maybe you could make new associations, maybe you could even choose a new time.  Why not?  Why wait around for once in a blue moon?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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  1. Hello Thomas,
    I just love to read your writing.
    You write so good, that I can't stop reading it.

    I loved your this post about "once in a blue moon story" very much.

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