Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Sordid Topic of Coin

Greetings all,

I appreciate all the words of support and sympathy you shared after last week's post.  This week I decided to tackle an issue with less emotional charge to it, money…

Yes that was sarcasm well not the part about being grateful for the kind words of sympathy, the part about money not having an emotional charge to it.  Few topics can raise such bone deep reactions as the "sordid topic of coin."  I heard that line years ago in the movie Death Becomes Her.  It always stuck with me, because let's face it we are up to our eyeballs in emotional knots whenever we bring money into a situation.  So let us skip through this minefield together.

First off money is an abstract concept.  It is a marker that can be exchanged for goods.  On the whole it was a nifty idea.  The invention of currency meant we no longer had to haul all our possessions along with us when we wished to trade.  This revolutionized trade.  I mean can you imagine the lines at the grocery store if everyone was bartering with different goods?  The other advantage was that you could trade money for any service you liked, you didn't have to waste time trading multiple items before you had merchandise that would garner you an acceptable trade.  For example, you want to buy a car and you have many fine pieces of furniture to trade, but the car dealer doesn't want furniture he wants a boat. Now you must look for a boat from someone who wants furniture or you have to trade with someone else to get the items that will get you a boat so you can trade for a car.  You see how exhausting this could be.

So for its convenience money is really a rather unique invention.  It is the universal key to material goods, a philosopher's stone.  It is no wonder that everyone is trying to get more of the stuff.  It literally is the stuff of dreams.  Yes I know it can't buy you happiness, but it can get you shelter, food, water, clothing, and any of the other necessities of life.

All well and good so what's my beef with money?  Well I do a lot of work in what is referred to as spiritual realms.  People think that money and spirit don't mix.  It is sort of the extension of the material realm and the realm of thought.  So this week a friend of mine was advertising about a workshop  she was teaching.  It was a 2 day workshop and she was charging a very reasonable rate for a 2 day class.  Someone kept pestering her on social media about why it was so expensive.  I've encountered this same question asked by people who want what I can do for them but don't want to pay for it or only pay dollar store prices.

This upsets me.  It basically says to me that you don't respect me or what I do and that it has no value.  Imagine if I came into your workplace and started bitching about your rates and how what you did wasn't all that important and that you shouldn't charge for helping me.  So I commented back to the person on social media that our rates are what they are because we have to eat as well.  My friend was pestered again about her "high" rates.  I then spelled it out to her public heckler (because that is what she was behaving like) that when we teach or offer our skills we are bringing something together that took us a long time to learn and/or put together.  My friend has been working in the realms of spirit and healing longer than I have and it appalls me when people nickel and dime her.  It's happened to me plenty of times people want the five star treatment while paying the half star rate.

In times past what I and many of my colleagues do wasn't charged for.  Here is what happened instead. We were given a place to live.  People provided us with food.  People brought us gifts like new clothes.  A spirit worker or medicine person sometimes didn't even have to hunt.  Hunting was dangerous you get hurt or killed.  So other members of a village or tribe would hunt for them instead, literally adding more risk to their own lives to provide for the local healer.  That is respect. That is honoring what a healer or spirit worker does.  So if you feel the need to complain about rates for spiritual work I have questions for you.  Have you given me shelter?  Have you stocked my refrigerator?  Have you provided my clothes and shoes?  Have you risked your life for me?  No, well then before you disrespect a healer by arguing about their rates go jump in the river….in winter.

Ah there I told you nothing gets the emotions pumping quite like the topic of money.  So let me bring this back to you.  Do you devalue yourself?  Do you give your best only to have people try bargain you down?  Do you let others shame you so that they can save a buck?  Or are you devaluing people?  Do you demand help from people but want to give nothing in return?  It is my wish that you are on neither side of this.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Have Your Back

Greetings all,

It has been a challenging week.  It began with death.  She came for my dog.  It was quite unexpected and it threw me and my family for quite a loop.  We also had neighbors break into unconsolable sobs. People in our neighborhood might not know my name but they all knew our dog, and she them.  She loved just about everybody, well almost she was locked in eternal conflict with the squirrel nation as well as occasional feuds aimed at the chipmunk confederacy.  I miss her greetings and her insistence at joining me while I practiced tai chi on my deck.

Loss it is there always, sometimes waiting patiently other times charging right into us and snatching our beloved ones from our grasp.  It sucks.  It is also part of what binds us to one another. I can't tell you how many comments of support and condolences I received on social media.  Sadly the death of my dear sweet puppy girl was probably the most popular post I ever had.  Old social programming passed down from time immemorial makes us circle round when one of us loses someone close.  From a purely selfish standpoint perhaps it is because we all know that one day we will be the one standing in the center of the circle mourning a loss.  From a different view point maybe it is the one love that runs through all of us that calls us together when loss strikes.  I will say this I had no idea that so many people cared.

My dog had my back.  She was not alone it seems.  I dreamed of her not two days after her passing and the bulk of my sadness lifted.  Since that dream I don't feel like she is gone, it is just that I can't touch her or hear her.  This has been typical for me.  People come and visit me while I sleep (be they two legged or four legged).  I've had people calling and checking on me.  They too have my back.

Lately I have heard from many people that they are experiencing serious challenges and traumas.   It is time to circle the wagons.  Light the beacon fires.  Sing soothing melodies to one another.  We are our brothers keepers.  Some see it as a burden, but if you have someone's back odds are they have yours too.  People may not be the only ones to have your back Spirit may as well.

Every week I do ceremony to honor Spirit and send prayers to all those in my personal community as well as some of my clients.  It is a very simple ceremony of rattling and giving thanks.  This week my focus was to call to us people, spirits, and energies that would have our backs in this time of stress.  This week I was late in getting started.  I didn't get to my office until 10 o'clock in the evening.  I had just come from a shaman's weather gathering.  After setting up and beginning with calling in Spirit and thanking all of my helpers and guides I began to hear something out in the hall.  It sounded as if there was someone wandering the building.  This made me a bit nervous as I hadn't locked my office door, but I continued with the prayers.  Another few moments passed and I heard more noise in the hall and suddenly I heard the latch on the door wiggle and the door begin to move inward.  I leapt up from my seat in front of the altar and rushed to the door.  As I got there I felt a great weight pushing and I also felt a strong gust of wind through the door frame.  I then heard the sound of a storm raging.  Somehow the wind had opened the lobby doors and moved through the hall to my door.  It had only been the wind, but why had it only been the wind, and why had it managed to open the lobby doors and lift the latch on mine?

It occurred to me later that I had earlier in the evening participated in honoring weather and that I had prayed for spirits and energies to come that would have my back.  Wind came, rain came, storm came.  Really I should feel blessed, and I did once I established there wasn't a prowler in the hall.  What also occurred to me was how I rushed to keep out the energy that may have been answering the call.  Support can come from many sources and not all of them fit into our ideas of what they should be.  What would have happened if I had let the wind open the door to my sacred space?

How about you?  Have you called for help and barred the door?  Have you searched for support and found it came from the only place you didn't look?  What if you let Spirit watch your back?  Take some time this week to think of all those who have had your back when you needed it, and think of all the chance happenings that led you to safety in your hour of need.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Monday, July 13, 2015


Greetings all,

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about you.  Well I simply had trouble with my browser loading the blog.  So being all clever and technical I remembered that I have another web browser that I use when the first one is being all contrary.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing an energetic principle in action.  Particularly if you are the one employing it.  I had the good fortune of being in that position this week.  Weather has been teaching me to seize opportunities when they arise and they did arise this week when I went to teach tai chi.  There was a short window of clear skies and not too hot or humid air.  Whenever possible I like to practice tai chi outside and I try to get as many of my classes as possible to take place outdoors as well.  So in this calm between thunder I coaxed most of my students out to the pool patio.

As we move deeper into summer there are few days where it is pleasant in the late afternoon to practice on the concrete area.  This was quite bearable with a slight breeze.  Now here was the challenge.  We were not the only ones outside appreciating the gentle weather.  There was one or two families there too.  Two darling lovely children were running about...screaming bloody murder.  I know not exactly the ambiance you'd wish for a tai chi class.  I felt a tad bit embarrassed and unprofessional for leading a class amidst that chaos.  Then I thought what better environment to learn to tune more into your own chi rather than letting the outside world dictate your mental state.  So we began and I smiled as piercing screams and occasional tears punctuated my instructions.  As we got started though all but one of the children got calmer.  Then lo and behold the mothers decided it was time to go, leaving us in quiet contemplation for the remainder of our class.

It could be coincidence.  It could be that the moms were embarrassed of how loud their kids were.  (Truly they weren't any louder than other kids that age).  However I think what happened had more to do with resonance.  As we moved farther into our routine even the distractions became part of the rhythm.  We established a vibration of balance and quiet contemplation.  The external environment then began to align itself with that, it came in resonance with our collective energy.  It is like what happens when a bunch of pendulums are started at different times, eventually they all start to move in sync with each other.  The more focused or intense vibrations tend to create a stronger resonance pattern and become dominant.  Immediately after we had cleared the patio I remarked, "Well we have the place to ourselves now, I wonder how that happened..."

Resonance is one of the keys to manifesting.  Either you create a strong focused vibration/intention and the world comes in resonance with it, or you come in resonance with something and your vibration is dictated by whatever you are in resonance with.  Here is the tricky part though you can be in positive resonance or negative resonance and they are both equally powerful and capable of drawing to you those situations.  This is why they tell you in all manifestation courses to never focus on what you don't want, because it sets up a negative resonance which serves to align events with it.  Complaining sets us up to be in negative resonance with whatever caused us to complain and thereby perpetuates the pattern. 

Well you may be thinking how does this apply to you?  Think about what you are in resonance in with positively.  What about those things you really hate or are afraid of.  Sorry to say you are in resonance with those things too.  It is simply a negative resonance.  Which resonance are you more affected by?  Which resonance do you dwell on more?  Setting up a positive resonance is easy, what is hard is getting rid of negative resonances.  The more you try and push whatever it is away the more negatively you are in resonance with it.  It's a tricky deal.  The only way out seems to be refocusing on your experiences that draw you into positive resonance.  Try not complaining or being drawn into what you are upset about, afraid of, or disappointed in for a bit and see what happens.  What shows up?  Continue to explore and uncover your negative resonances and bring them to awareness.  Set the vibration and resonance in your space and see how life unfolds around you.  Let me know if that resonates with you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Step Forward Step Back

Greetings all,

This week has been packed with activity.  I will be doing 8 shows from August until November so the traveling will begin soon.  My book is in my proofreaders' hands right now.  I had to upgrade my phone so everything is change.

So my next few months have taken on a whole new plan.  This week I have found myself not wanting to do too much.  I've had a few very intense client sessions, but other than that I haven't pressed ahead with any of my other projects.  I guess that is sort of typical after any big project or change I like to have a little breathing space to just be.  It is in this empty space where new ideas seem to spring up.  I need a bit of time to ponder and dream up what I want to play with next.

I try to go some place new each year and from the looks of things I have about 5 new places in my near future.  So the pace has quickened and I'm playing catch up.  There is much to be excited about with my upcoming book and public talks. Still in the midst of this I am planning on upgrading my skills taking classes locally.

I do apologize faithful readers.  (Yes believe it or not there are people who regularly consume my words). I've not meant this blog to be a gab fest about all the things I'm doing.  It is supposed to be about what I am experiencing on a deeper level and my observations about that. I always try and tie it back to something maybe you can learn from.  I mean someone ought to benefit from the trials I put myself through. Lately I have been seeing so much on the surface of my world change and looking at how I struggle to keep up with it.  We all say we want change and then we have to change to allow it into our lives.  It isn't always the most comfortable path.

I was talking with a fellow traveler on the shamanic byways in the past few months and they told me about how uncomfortable certain aspects of the training was for them.  My response was to let them know they should get used to it.  Shamanic training is not meant to be easy although sometimes it can still be fun amidst the discomfort.  We all encounter the new some of us take to it more easily than others.  As children it is easier for us to embrace new adventures.  We even look forward to them.  Temperament does play a significant role in how much change we think we can handle, but often unless we challenge ourselves we can stagnate.  It is when routine has firmly encrusted our lives that we most fear change, it is also when we most need it.

Lately I feel as if I'm up to bat next.  Considering my abysmal athletic ability as a child this not a nice warm and fuzzy feeling for me.  It is basically performance anxiety.  I've been looking for my time and space to shine and here it is upon me and now I don't feel ready.  This is of course hogwash I've been preparing for ages for all these things.  I am the last thing standing in my way, or was I the first thing?

So now let me ask you something.  Are you pulling back from finish line right at the end of the marathon? Have you been putting all your efforts forward until they begin to pay off?  Are you rearing to go until they start calling for boarding passes?  Well my dears you're in good company.  I suggest you take a step back from your reaction to see the larger story playing out.  You are taking on new roles  and adventures this is all just a little page turning anxiety in the book of life.  Take heart fire up your courage and walk tall into the sunset of your accomplishments.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle