Sunday, June 28, 2015

Setting the Board

Greetings all,

It's been a week of storms, winds, moon and starlight.  The fates are weaving away and small steps have larger implications.  Sit for a spell and I'll tell you all about it.

For those of you who follow my Facebook posts you'll know that I submitted my first draft to my  volunteer proofreaders/editors.  It is a small step after so many along the trudging path of publishing.  It hit me quite suddenly that I am an author.  Then of course followed the realization that I had been one for quite some time.  I've been authoring this blog steadily for two years now, still a book on the horizon really hammered it home to me that I am a writer and not too shabby a one either if you don't mind me tooting my own horn.

Another small piece of my puzzle came late in the week with the help of a photographer.  She showed me how to use my light box and set up the lighting to take decent images of my pottery.  My office has just the right kind of subdued lighting which makes it perfect for doing documentary photos of my artwork.  This took about an hour of playing around with mostly because my phone was the camera and was being uncooperative at both tasks, but it was only a few moments to get the basics down.  This solved a problem that has plagued me for years.  Now I have hopes of getting my work placed locally and in event sales.

They say great things come in threes and this week has held that as truth.  An event page went live midweek for a workshop I'll be teaching in Gettysburg, PA in August.  I had the opportunity to lead a introductory workshop on shamanic journeying and I jumped at it.  I have a place to stay nearby and there are other events I wish to checkout after my facilitation duties are done.  This is the first time I've had to really share some of my shamanic experience in gathering knowledge with others.  I'm excited and I've already got one person signed up.

So the power of words is at play as well as the power of images.  This has the potential for me to become more known in my fields.  Small seeds that will bear fruit in time have started to push their way through the soil.  My immediate circumstances are the same as they have been for some time and yet the board is set for the pieces to start moving.  I've had tasks before me for so long that I am enjoying a sigh of relief before I plunge ahead on my next adventure.

Blah blah blah Mr. Mooneagle you might be thinking how does this apply to me? Well hold on cheeky I'm getting there.  The point is each of these tasks were on their own very small pieces of something that promises to lead to something larger.  One slice of fortune can meander into all sorts of terrain some even surprising and unimagined dreamscapes.  When I started this magic, mystery and meaning business years ago I had no clue what kingdoms I'd be tromping through.  I began as a humble reader of tarot cards and now I teach tai chi, author a weekly blog, bend probabilities and potentialities, I am a Reiki master, I perform marriage ceremonies, write books (well one so far), speak with power animals and guides, teach workshops, and occasionally triumph over the forces of evil.  All I thought I would be doing is reading for people.  It was the breadcrumbs those mere morsels that blossomed into whole loaves of artisan bread.  This too could happen to you.

What seemingly small bits of your life offer hidden possibility?  What off chance is really your passport to new lands and opportunity? Where can you delight in the small task well done that may yet yield returns in the far away of tomorrow land?  Think on it a bit.  There is always something we are up to that could lead to a break out in our fate.  So diligently tend to the small grains of potential and set the board for grandness whether or not it deems to show itself for supper, after all if the board isn't set at all surely grandness will never come knocking.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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