Sunday, May 31, 2015


Greetings all,

Well since I have written last much has happened.  I have performed my first marriage ceremony for a friend.  I had my old bike repaired and once more have hit the streets as I did years before when I was without a car.  I have finished typing up all my handwritten notes for my upcoming book.  I filmed a new video for the month.  Last but not least I interviewed my first prospect for a new spirit guide.

Okay yes I know that last line made a few of you do a double take.  What do you mean interviewed a spirit guide.  Well a few months back I put up an ad on a bulletin board in one of the spirit worlds.  I was looking for a guide who specialized in turning individual talents into income.  Wizarding may be its own reward but cash is what spends in this world.  Now I don't mean to be materialistic but those that know me also know that I have several little jobs that allow me to continue to delve more deeply into the mysteries and serve clients while keeping my prices reasonable.  The goal is to eventually drop all the little jobs and wear my wizard hat when I'm not wearing my artist hat.  (Also hats are expensive).

Guides can come and go in our life.  Sometimes we move on from one phase in our life and we need different help.  I've heard also of an instance where a guide was fired by some one's primary guide.  Apparently even in the spirit world employment is not completely secure.  On the upside the cost of living is nil so people pretty much work at what they're best at.  Now I've got a crack shot team of healers, artists, seers, alchemists, mystics, and general wuwu stuff working as my guides.  They're awesome I love them all dearly, but I realized to truly do what I want to do in this life and bring about the best outcomes for the most people I needed a guide to help me handle things on the material side. So I've met the first candidate.  One of my guides is doing a thorough interview and background check and we'll have a meeting about them soon.

Some of you may be thinking I am being very blasé about all this.  I can even hear some of you thinking, "You can't just do that."  Too late I already did.  There's no law against advertising for a new spirit guide, and even if there was one my alignment is chaotic good.  (Alignment is a roleplaying term it's my geek shout out for the week).  I used to know a will worker who was always hell bent on telling me what I could and couldn't do.  We're no longer associates but I've gone on to do just about everything they told me I couldn't do.  Again chaotic good, I LOVE THIS ALIGNMENT!  I do so enjoy it when other magical people try to put limits on what I can do (pssst that's sarcasm).

It is good to realize that we make our own rules.  Sometimes we even break them.  We create what we need to get things done.  I've simply extended this concept a bit further than most.  Perhaps I am oversimplifying or being a bit cutesy about the whole thing, but hey if it works I don't care how crazy it sounds.  That could almost be my motto or one of them at least, "Crazy enough guarantee." In my opinion you need a bit of flippancy mixed with reverence to effectively maneuver in spirit.

So how does this apply to you?  Well is there some need that isn't being met because you're convinced that it would be taboo to approach spirit with a business proposal?  Are you afraid of setting the terms because of some preordered idea of how spirit and material are supposed to be separate but equal?  Well break the wall down and host some interviews.  There are billions of unemployed guides waiting for you to post job openings.  Get off your butt and help the local spiritual economy, be a job creator.  Ask for who you need without fear and be prepared to turn those away who don't meet your qualification standards.  It's not a rat race it's an Iditarod we all need our teams to get to where we're heading.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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