Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's it Worth to You?

Greetings all,

Talk about a week on fast forward.  I've been getting geared up for a bunch of projects for the year.  To say the upcoming months will be busy is an understatement.  Between writing a book and the new meditation group I am starting in February I also have a big speaking event in May.  I've also had some workshops on the burners lately but I am calling those off.

I get asked to teach classes or workshops a lot.  People seem so excited when they ask me.  So after a while I will pull all the materials together work with my guides and create a workshop or class.  Then when I finally get it all set up and have put in time these same people don't sign up.  Recently I had a bunch of people want me to almost cut my price in half for a day long workshop.  It got me really upset.  Teaching is not something that I find is easy.  It takes a lot of work, much more than goes into doing session work for clients.  I am funny about teaching.   I want to have a lot of background and experience in anything I present,  so I do research.  I either do a lot of shamanic journey work to prepare or  I read up and experiment (usually some combination of the two).   So I get touchy when people ask for something and then try to low ball me and haggle on the price.  I try to keep my prices as low as possible.

What I've been noticing is people want Walmart prices in metaphysics.  I also hear things like, "Well Madame X only charges 20 dollars for a reading."  Here is the thing, Madame X just got a notion to learn to read tarot 2 months ago and now has decided she is a reader.  Now that is just fine I don't mind we all start somewhere sometime, but I have people who have read a single book act like they are an all knowing guru.  Madame X may only charge $20 but I charge more because I started in 1992 not two months ago.  That goes across the board to all my skills. I constantly upgrade and reinvest in some form of training or deepening of my talents.

So people are wanting to pay Walmart prices for five star service.  I have over my life had a real problem with self worth.  I always am concerned with whether or not I am providing valuable service to clients.  So when people balk at my prices or ask for a deal (and yes sometimes I do have stuff on sale) it strikes a nerve.  Having spent years feeling worthless I no longer will put up with being treated as if what I do isn't important.  There are times when I offer stuff to people freely, but it is never the people who ask me.  I have new videos out every month and I get a lot of good feedback from people that tell me just watching those has helped them, so I no longer feel guilty about telling people no.  Basically I am valuable and so is my time and attention.  Now I don't mean to make this a rant about money, because it goes deeper than that.  I have been concurrently experiencing a related issue in my personal life where some people don't have time for me or the only time I hear from them is if I reach out to them.  It is the same thing.  People are reflecting that fear of not being worthy or valuable.  So in that sphere I've begun to clean house and invest less in people who can't see my value.  Here is the bright spot in this, there are actually people that can't wait to spend time with me.  There are people out there that value, respect and gosh darn it even like me.  So I am making the executive decision to similarly invest my time with these wonderful souls.

I know me me me, but what about you you you?  Are you feeling valued or worthless?  Are you letting people project their opinions of your worth onto you?  Are you valuing the people around you?  Do you spend your time and attention on people who just can't make the time for you unless they need something?  Well my dear if so perhaps it is time for you redistribute your time and energy. What would happen if you focused on where you were appreciated, and what would happen if you made an extra effort to appreciate those around you?  Tell me all about it in the comments section and don't spare the juicy tidbits.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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