Saturday, December 6, 2014

Words of Power

Greetings all,

Lately I've been pondering the power of words.  Every week I send mine out into the blogosphere hoping they have an impact.  Currently I am writing a book about runes, so the power of words is quite pertinent to me.  However all of us are constantly under a barrage of language.  We get emails, tweets, Facebook status updates, advertisements, billboards, signs, textbooks, and pamphlets all grabbing our attention.

We are so immersed in the sea of language we often don't recognize the power it has over us, nor we over it.  We are careless with our words.  We say hurtful things to ourselves and each other.  Our words shape the world because it is how we transmit our ideas to others.  Consider these statements, "We had words.  We talked all night."  Both of those could describe the same event, but 'having words' leads us to believe the shared words weren't all that pleasant.  I read a post recently that said, "Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people mean."  Texts tend to be brief with easy to use words that are vague as opposed to letters or emails where we sit down and take our time to really say clearly what we mean.  (Except from that inordinately long text I got from somebody one time that left absolutely no doubt what they felt and how they meant it.)

I'm not here to pick on texting.  I am simply suggesting that we take our own words more seriously and choose them wisely.  The old sticks and stones adage no longer applies.  Cyber bullying has brought the cruelty of the playground into our homes, onto our phones where we cannot escape it.  Seeing the number of suicides as a result of bullying on the news year after year I thank my lucky stars there was no Facebook or texting when I was in middle or high school.  I was bullied quite mercilessly, but at least when I got home the cruel words stopped.

Words build our consensual reality.  They make up the building blocks of all our stories.  Our stories become our lives.  Ah but you were waiting for the words of power that I promised.  Yes there are magic words, but they generally only work if you have spent the time learning to channel and focus energy.  There are everyday words that hold immense power and the more we use them the more power they exert.  The words I AM have an enormous influence on us, because whatever follows them defines who we are.  The other words of power are I CAN and I CAN'T,  they either open or close an opportunity to us.

So how about you?  Are you using the power of your words wisely?  Are the words that you write, text, and speak serving your greater good?  Are they serving your ego at the expense of others?  Do you consider the impact of your words before you use them?  How about the words you use to describe yourself, are you being kind?  How about this, for the next week ponder over your words before you type speak or write out those holiday greeting cards.  Choose your words to precisely convey your intent.  Dial them in as you would an old radio to be as clear and focused as possible.  Do this when you talk to yourself too maybe even in front of a mirror.  Watch what happens.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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