Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Balance

Greetings all,

Every week I am always surprised that I come up with a topic to write about.  The commitment of writing always has me looking for ways to expand my thoughts.  Expansion seems to be on the menu lately as well.

In the past week I have made arrangements to start teaching at a new facility, I have had one speaking event while planning at least two others, I became a local chapter leader for the Monroe Institute, I've started making magical oil blends, and my healing practice is also picking up.  So many things that have been just under the surface are poking their heads up out from the deeps.   It feels overwhelming to see so many opportunities blossom at once.  It is so strange to see it all shifting even though that is at the heart of what I do.

Even with the mystical nature of my work it can be very easy to get bogged down in the business of it: scheduling, lesson plans, writing up talks, and website maintenance.  I'm having to remember to leave unstructured time to be and to get out of the house.  (Time on social media does not count as unstructured).  When you work for yourself there is always so much to do, and making sure you get out and just have fun is imperative.  What I do requires a light heart and the right attitude so keeping a balance between getting things done and taking in life can be a challenge.

Fall is a special time of color and sensing the deep currents of the earth.  The power of the dark is growing, and that has its own allure.  There is mystery to be found in the dark.  The stars are clearer in the crisp night air.  The light has changed its color, becoming thin like sheer curtains in the window.  Fall is also the time that I often start to feel melancholy.  With the fading light of summer I feel the loss of the green, unless I go out and fill myself with the colors of fall and the shapes of the revealed limbs of trees I can sink into a personal kind of darkness.  I used to hate fall for this reason.  As beautiful as it can be I resented the coming frosts and chilling winds that would bring winter.  That changed years ago after recovering from a near fatal illness.  I had been sick for most of the summer, I really started my true recovery in October.  I was grateful for everything and I let myself experience the season in that vibration.  I still mourn the passing of the summer each year, but it is balanced by all the loves I discovered in fall.  I had my life given back to me in the autumn and I have never forgotten that.

So why does this matter to you?  Well are you too wrapped up in the workings of the season and forgetting to go out and enjoy the beauty of it?  Are you denying your sadness of the loss of the light so much that you are failing to connect to the deeper currents running in your life? Perhaps you are denying the fall its splendor as you schedule yourself every which way till January.  I am happy to have things to fill the calendar, but does it need to be filled?  What if you went for a walk in a wood to see the spectrum of the changing leaves?  What if you sang the trees a lullaby?  Try it out, balance the worlds you live in between the tasks of the day and the experience of fall's transformation.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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