Saturday, August 2, 2014

A New Attitude

Greetings all,

I hope you had a Happy Lammas. (Also known as Harvest Home or Lughnasadh).  I celebrated joyfully with a last minute despacho ceremony.  When I say if you have a place to burn one I'll come do ceremony I mean it.  It was a good end to a good week.

This week I had an unexpected client.  One of my teachers was in Peru and I got a referral.  It was what I call "heavy" work.  I've told people before that this is not what I want to do as the primary service of my practice.  I have in the past been called in to make "house calls", but I prefer to keep this at a minimum.  I've called it my rent to the Universe, mostly because I've done it for friends or as favors before.  In the past month rent had been paid 3 times already so this time I actually quoted a fee.  I felt like I was paid up as far as community service goes for a wee bit.  In a way it was like the Universe was saying, "Hey I keep trying to send abundance your way but you refuse to cash the check."

I have a general rule that if someone is referred to me then I can help them in some way.  Still on occasion I check in with my guides to make sure and to see what I need to do to prepare.  One of the things I was told was that I needed a new attitude about this kind of work.  I was making it harder than it had to be.  Also I was told that I needed to stop complaining about it.  For some reason I was acting out some poor me routine.  "Oh poor me I have to call on magical powers to come in and clear out a space, and :gasp:  there might be some uncomfortable feelings for a few minutes!"  I was making myself into some sort of victim here and I'm not.

So why was I rehashing old patterns of the unappreciated magic worker?  Primarily it was fear.  I had done some of this work in the past and it had really drained me.  This was before I had taken all the workshops and classes for some of my training.  I used to make this kind of clearing work into a battle. Some of my older programming about how powerful the dark stuff is (thanks Hollywood and religious upbringing) made me make it harder.

The job went fairly smoothly.  I'd say more than anything it was tedious rather than taxing.  This may actually be the true reason I prefer not to do it more often.  It is very methodical and sometimes time consuming. It requires me to bring a certain kind of focus that is much more "work oriented" than the rest of my practice.  This is not to say I am not focused for other sessions, but it is different much more spontaneous.

So why am I telling you this?  Well is there something that you do on occasion that you groan about?  Something that you are uniquely qualified to do that brings more harmony into the world.  Do you show your strength and then complain about the effort?  Do you refuse to be compensated and then complain about how unappreciated you are?  Well if so jump on the get a new attitude bandwagon.  What if you saw this deed as a privilege to perform?  What if you gracefully and gratefully accepted recompense?  Try it out, lose the chains of victimhood and let me know how that feels.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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