Friday, July 4, 2014

In the Wind

Greetings all,

Happy 4th of July to my fellow citizens.  In celebration of Independence day I've gone off onto the open road.  I am in the wind.  This is the first day of what I'm referring to as the Mooneagle Magic and Mystery tour.  I have quite the road trip in the works.  In fact I'm typing this from my hotel room.

I've been running around like a mad man trying to get things done leading up to this trip.  I was so nervous and excited.  I was just realizing today that this is the first time I have booked a room for myself.  I've either ever shared or someone else has done the booking for me(which is a great way to get the Mooneagle to come to your town by the way).  This is by far the longest road trip I have ever undertaken alone.  I've got so much to look forward to I'm exhausted (or maybe that is the drive and all the trip prepping I did, rotating tires takes it out of you).

I was talking with my friend Jenny the Bear the other night and I mentioned that this trip kept me thinking about the past.  She told me that long trips will do that to you.  Perhaps it is because I can't quite imagine what will come next, and being by myself has me looking backwards for comfort.  Perhaps it is because I don't want to bring too many expectations of what I am about to encounter.  Perhaps it is due to the sometimes scary prospect of being alone in the world amidst strangers in strange places.  It could also be the season.  I tend to wax nostalgic in the summer.  All the summers of the past seem to run together in my head.  Seasons are like separate worlds once you stray into one you can't seem to escape it.  Summer and winter both seem to have immense gravity.  When you are in them they seem endless, whereas autumn and spring seem to always be ephemeral, fading into something else.  They are like the borderlands, soon past.

Travel for me happens from spring to fall.  I tend to avoid traveling in the winter at least by car.  I've always been a child of the wind though.  I had family in the airline business growing up and so we always were going someplace new.  By the time I was ten I had been to more places than many people get to see in their life.  The west particularly left its mark on me.  The echoes of the people who walked the sacred roads in times past followed me.  So now that I am in charge of my own journeys I make it a point to go to someplace I've never been to each year.  I have done this for about 13 years.  It works out well travel is good for the soul.

So you may be asking where is it I am off to next?   To which I'd say, "Spoilers."  I'd hate to sully the journey with vague expectations.  Perhaps you'll hear from me in a few weeks or maybe I'll keep it a mystery for a bit longer.  What comes next is the adventure, the open road, the wind in my hair.

What about you?  Does the kingdom of summer hold some new adventure for you?  Do the weight of seasons past have you stuck?  What would happen if you slipped off the path into a bit of the unknown?  Would you be willing to follow a pixie's trail?  What about just hearing a pixie's tale?  Find a direction that calls your spirit and get out your maps.  Chart a course and let the wind sing you there.  Let me know what you find and I may share my tale too.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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