Saturday, May 3, 2014

Faery Etiquette

Greetings all,

Happy Beltane weekend to you.  Rejoice for the Summer Court of Faery has taken the throne and will hold it till Samhain (Halloween) night.  We are in the season of growth, plenty, and pleasure.  I thought what better way to welcome in the nature spirits than to have despacho ceremony for them.

Despacho is a ceremony that comes out of the South American shamanistic traditions.  It is basically a gifting to spirit in gratitude for what we've been given and an opportunity to give our prayers a form.  We fill a paper with sugar, candies, grains, flowers and pretty things as a gift.  We also blow our prayers into the despacho bundle before giving it to the fire to be transmuted into spirit.  The ceremony I participated on this Beltane was dedicated to the Faeries.  This is their high holy day (it's like Faery Christmas basically)well at least for the Summer Court.  Winter Court's big day is Halloween.

During the ceremony one of the participants asked me what the best way to honor the Faeries was.  I paused for a moment because really there are so many ways you can show them you care for and respect them.  I gave the answer, "Plant flowers, and pick up litter."  They also like it if you leave food for them, particularly if it is homemade and kind of sweet.  Respecting the land and waters goes a long way to earning their trust.  Kindness and purity of heart are another (although not foolproof) method of endearing Faery/Human relations.

I haven't talked much about Faery in my blog over the past year.  My work with them has been more quiet since I opened my healing practice.  Although healing work is something they are famous for I have found that not everyone resonates well with them.  Not only that but if you mention you believe in Faeries you get looked at funny by other energetic practitioners.  For some reason ascended masters, spirit guides, power animals and god-forms are accepted as legitimate in metaphysical circles, but Faeries get relegated to the kiddie table.  It's sad really they are excellent guides and can help us open up our hearts to experience the deep mysteries of the world.

All that said there are some guidelines for interacting with the Fair Folk.  Rule number one, always be polite and never insult them.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard of someone making fun of them in magical circles and having to work very hard to clean up the messes that followed.   Rule number two never make a promise you won't honor.  Do not go back on your word with the Faeries.  If you do it will not go well for you, your health, or your business.  Rule number three if you come across a place that is a Faery power spot do not litter. (Actually just don't litter in general).  If you see trash pick it up if you can.  If you trash their home you are inviting them to trash yours.  (Think septic tank back ups, roof leaks, termites, etc…).  Rule number four if you want there to be some sort of profit out of your association it better be mutually rewarding.  You cannot pull one over on them, and if you do somehow manage it you'll be looking over your shoulder for life.  You wouldn't try to cheat an angel so why would you think you could cheat an angel of the elemental kingdom?

This may make it sound like Faeries are petty, but it is really about respect.  They've been around for ages and have watched mankind wreak havoc in whatever environment they settled in.  People in general seem to want to test the limits of what they can get away with.  It can take many lifetimes to build up the web of life energy in an area, but only moments for a human to come in and destroy the balance.  Faeries serve as guardians of the natural world and as such they take protecting it very seriously.

So how does any of this apply to you?  I truly don't know it is more an informative essay on Faery etiquette and it is far from complete.  They are the children of the mystery and for some of you they will be the scent of a home you once knew a long time ago.  For me I always have the sense of comfort and home in a place where many faeries gather.  My heart feels full and connected.  Do you resonate with the elemental realms?  Are you honoring your connections to nature?  Are you practicing good Faery etiquette?  Are you treating the world with respect?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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