Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Awakening

Greetings everyone,

Happy Spring!  I've had a beautiful day here with sun and blue skies.  Today was the equinox and that means I was outside drumming for my community and my clients.  On the solstices I seem to gather in a group to drum on the equinoxes I tend to drum alone.  I like the balance.

Each quarter of the year is begun with ceremony and it is always different because we are different.  We are never the same as we once were.  That is a source of both great sorrow and joy.  We cannot ever be as we were.  We should see it both ways for there is value in our tears as well as our laughter.  As we come into spring we tend to laugh more, quicken our step, reach out with ourselves.  It is natural after the retreat into the self that winter often brings.

So I set off to the park in the early afternoon.  I got out and walked down a footpath and then slightly off the trail.  When I drum in public I like to have at least the illusion of privacy for ceremony.  I came to a fallen tree with a hollow and thought, "This is the place."  So I rattled to clear the space and then I opened with the drum in the east since that is the direction associated with spring.  As I began to call in the directions the wind started to blow.  I began to drum to my mesa calling on my teachers and honoring them, my power animals, helping spirits, my community of healers, my family, and my clients in the Year of Transformation.  Then I began to sing to the trees for their blessings, the nature spirits, the Earth mother, and the Creator.  As I continued to drum and sing the words would come to me spontaneously.  I don't plan on what to say I let it arise.

What arose today continually was the word awaken.  Waking our hearts and our spirits from their slumber apparently is the theme of this coming season.  Awakening like memory is a double edged sword.  Sometimes it is a rude awakening to harsh facts, other times it is gentle stirring of our untapped potential.  Which ever it is it tends to be call to greater freedom.

Ask yourself what is asleep in you?  What stirs deep in the slumber of everyday awareness?  Is the dream you are in worthy of you?  What new life wakens to find its way through you?  As we awaken we become more able to change our course.  I hope you have a peaceful awakening and start this season rested and in good standing.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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