Thursday, February 20, 2014

Building the pathways to change

Greetings all,

I have had  a very busy week with sessions.  It has been refreshing to work with so many different people in one week.  It keeps me on my toes.  I have noticed a general trend with many of my interactions and sessions that has been developing over the past year.  During my session work information has been coming through of suggested actions for my clients to take outside of our time together.  For some it may be something simple like make sure to walk in the park every week, or it could be as complicated as emerging business plan.  Hold onto your hats though because the Mooneagle is giving people homework.

The idea of a life coach is rather popular right now in the holistic fields.  I hadn't really marketed myself that way but the energies of transformation and my helping spirits seem to be bringing that into my healing practice.  It is something that I am welcoming with open arms.  You might find it odd to receive practical advice while I am puttering around in your quantum field, but I am ultimately interested in providing more opportunities for change for my clients.  Energy work is invaluable especially when you have a real block in your life patterns, but the actions you take outside of sessions reinforce and are the ultimate expression of that change.

Let me explain what I mean by using my life as an example.  Several years ago I was wishing to work in the metaphysical field and make artwork as my career.  I had been reading for people for almost twenty years at that point.  I wanted to make a go at it.  I did energy work and manifesting affirmations, but I never got much of a response beyond a pittance.  Was it because I wasn't good enough?  Was it because my technique was wrong?  No actually it was because I didn't have business cards.  I also didn't have a business account, accountant, website, pay pal access,  youtube channel, gallery representation. office, or a business plan.  I just wanted to do the creative/metaphysical stuff and have all the details of delivery take care of themselves.  You can see why this created a problem.  I wanted to earn money doing what I loved but I hadn't built in any way for it to reach me.

To put this another way many of you will understand (particularly after the winter we're having), imagine you have a big check coming in the mail.  Now imagine it's been snowing and there is no way for the mail person to get to your mailbox.  Your check cannot come until you get out there and shovel the driveway and clear a path to your mailbox.  You have to clear a path to allow that check to be delivered.  You may say, "But Thomas Mooneagle the Law of Attraction tells us we don't have to know how something is going to come to us."  That is true but you have to make it possible for it to come to you.  You cannot sit in a locked room dreaming of an island vacation and expect to be transported there without getting up and unlocking the door.  You have to be flexible and open enough to allow opportunities into your life.  You have to be the sort of person that can handle what you are asking for.

I'd like to direct you back to my life and the changes I've made outside of the energetic ones.  When I finally decided I needed to "do" something if I wanted to pursue a career in the creative and holistic arts, I knew that I had to reach people.  I created a youtube channel, I started a blog, I joined Facebook to showcase my artwork,  I got professional business cards,  I built a website, I invested in more skill training,  I hired an accountant, and I worked events to get my name out there.  Over time I learned what worked and what didn't.  Now during this time my energy also went through a tremendous shift, but had I not done all the things to build paths where money could come to me that energy would be pretty much wasted on me.  It is like water; it has to have a pathway to flow down otherwise it will simply crash against the rocks like the ocean against the cliffside.   There is a reason I have regular hours at the office.  It isn't the only time I am there, but at those hours I will be there whether I have someone scheduled or not.  Believe me there is always something I could be working on (like typing up my notes for the book, doing shamanic journeywork, ect...).  You have to show up and be present.

So what about you?  Do you have a dream that has stubbornly remained one?  Have you been wanting something, but never taken any action to bring it into your life?  Does the success, relationship, or money have a pathway where it can reach you?  Have you built the airport terminal for fulfillment in your life, but neglected to build the runway?  Ask yourself what support structures does my dream need in order to reach me?  Make sure your doorstep is clear and the welcome mat is out.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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