Friday, January 10, 2014

The Mooneagle Method

Greetings all,

I hope you are settling into the new year post holiday time warp comfortably.  I've had a cold which has forced me to finally slow down.  I've been going at full tilt for probably two or three months.  One of these days I will learn to schedule more chill time in my life.  That is the trick when you work for yourself because there is always something you know needs to be done.

One of my teachers approached me this week and asked me to write about my method.  She thought it would be good for me to put down how I blend together the various teachings and traditions I have studied and apply them in my healing practice.  My immediate response was "Oh God No!"  Trying to explain how I do what I do and where the various pieces and bits come from is always a challenge.  However as a shamanic practitioner my teacher is generally right when things like this come to her.  So this post is my attempt to explain the madness in my method.

So where to begin?  I suppose on this insane little jaunt I should mention the sources I draw upon.  My psychic training comes primarily from decades of working with the tarot.  That is what first helped me to be aware of patterns.  It is something that comes natural, seeing faces in tree bark, stone, or the folds in a carpet.  I see patterns everywhere.  This is helpful because everything is a pattern of energy.  Some are beneficial to us others are not.  Remember the song, "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is not quite the same."  So piece one of my method is the awareness and identification of pattern.

I've also been influenced by some ceremonial magical traditions.  I learned the basics of setting sacred space and raising energy from things like the tree of life meditation (simplified not hermetic) the qabbalistic cross (to purify the aura and strengthen it), and the lesser banishing ritual of the septa gram.   WAIT!  Did you catch that last one it is supposed to be pentagram right?  Well yes originally it was, I altered it to use the seven pointed star to bring in faery energy to the ritual.  Some of you might be thinking (particularly if you are staunch traditionalist) that you can't do that.  Too late I already did.

Which brings me to my next bag of tricks or is it tricksters.  I work on occasion with Faery and that energy.  This is seen most clearly when I make a charm or amulet for someone.  When I make my artwork I put my heart and soul in it and probably a good bit of faery too.  Occasionally I use it in session work, but not broadly.  Some people just aren't ready for the wildness it brings into their pattern.  However when I'm being tricky or clever or I use illusion to mask something to accomplish another goal that is me with my faery mask on.  The thing you have to remember is it's important to really love faeries, if you don't and you have shady ideas of one upping yourself on their backs well let's just say you couldn't pay me enough to help you.

The next piece of the puzzle is my body work.  I've practiced tai chi for half my life and some yoga for almost as long.  It has helped me be aware of the relationship of the mind and emotions to our physical form.  It has also taught me about the energy flow within the body.  Sometimes I do play with meridians or stuck energy in a body part.  (I really should study some anatomy to help me specify more).

So let's see I covered basic magic, the body, trickiness,  leaving … the mind.  You gotta feed the mind with the right stuff.  This includes meditation, contemplation, and learning all sorts of new paradigm twisting thoughts.  I feed my brain with sci-fi, sci facts, and fantasy.  I studied some quantum physics and not just some of the easy to read for the masses books, actual physics books.  This helps me seed my consciousness with more possibilities.  This is important because your paradigm determines the set of options of what is possible for you.  We're brought up in a scientific materialist paradigm.  Which is different from a purely scientific paradigm.  Meaning there is science that accepts the unseen things as part of the world.  I'm not talking pseudoscience I am talking about rigorous double blind experiments with repeatable results.  By taking in more and more of this information I am reprogramming my subconscious to allow more possibilities through its filter.

My last pieces come in my shamanic training.  I first learned what is considered core shamanism.  I learned to journey, find my power animal, and an upper world teacher.  I learned to speak with the spirits of place, animals, stones, plants, and forces.  I use this a lot when I am preparing something new or trying to learn a better way to do something.  An example are the energetic downloads like the Removing Religious Programming Download.  I did over eight journeys to enlist help from various spirits and gain advice.  The other type of shamanism I employ is working with the mesa, a portable stone altar, where each stone is a helping spirit.  My distance clients are most familiar with this because I always do a set up for them and send them a picture of it.  I blend the two practices calling in spirits with the mesa, moving the stones around, and asking for guidance from power animals and helping spirits.  Sometimes a session is overtly shamanic and other times is more like quantum energy healing practices.

Those are the bases my practice rests on.  How they manifest depends on the circumstance though.  I let my attention guide me to areas that can be shifted.  Tracking issues or patterns is more about letting my awareness be open and just following along.  I never know how a session will be.  That used to drive me crazy but I have gotten used to it.  The less I plan the better it works.  When I start to plan or think it means my ego is trying to run the show so I refocus into my heart and start again.  This is the simplest way I can explain how I combine the various traditions, methods, and knowledge into how I do my work.  It is far from complete, but it took years (many in fact) to get to where it is today.  When people ask me how I learn to do what I do they have no idea how large a question that is.  They are usually looking for a simple short answer like read this book, take this class and you have it.  It is closer to read this library of books, have these life experiences, take these classes, and experiment... a lot.

So how does this apply to you?  Well how did you become the person you are?  What different branches of knowledge and experience converged to create you and what you do?  What did you change and make yours?  It is good to acknowledge our influences and how they shaped us.  Once we know we can then shape them.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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