Friday, November 29, 2013

Less is more

Greetings all,

The holiday season has begun for most of us here in North America.   I've liked Thanksgiving better than Christmas for a number of years.  It started when we began going to my grandmother's house to celebrate it.  I also didn't yet have to spend more than I could afford on presents.  Beyond that though it was about gathering together and expressing gratitude for all the blessings we've been given.  I always used to write a special entry into my journal on Thanksgiving listing all that I was grateful for.  More often than not it was for particular people in my life.

One thing I have realized is that in most respects I've had it pretty easy.  I've never gone hungry, or with out shelter, clothes, or medical care when I needed it.  For those of us who have never experienced profound need it can be easy to take that for granted.  There is a lot that goes into a holiday feast.  So many just inhale their food and barely taste or appreciate it.  I myself used to load up a bit more than I needed to on turkey and dressing.  I used to look forward to the next holiday and all the things I wanted.

A strange thing has happened.  It has been coming for a number of years.  There are fewer and fewer things I want for Christmas.  My family has for the past few weeks been needling me for gift ideas.  They want to get their shopping done.  This is not to say that there is nothing that I want at all.  (Perhaps the only thing I could really use is a new car but that's not generally in anyone's budget).  It  just isn't something you can purchase easily and wrap.  How do you wrap more success in business?  How do you give someone better relationships?  I've come to that point in my life that the things that I really desire can only be provided by myself.

It is I think a good place to be.  It started probably two years ago right after my first session in the advanced shamanic initiation program I just completed.  I was told to get rid of stuff, I had too many things.  I still kind of feel that way even though I gave away almost half of my stuff and about three quarters of my stone collection.  We are living in an interesting time when a whole library can be stored on a tiny flash drive, we can carry mp3 players full of all our music in our pockets.  In this time though a dinner with friends, a game night, and a craft night fill my soul more than any gift.  I was recently treated to dinner by a friend and  I felt so valued and cared for.  So I do like little gifts.  Gifts of your time, your assistance, and your kindness.

So what am I rambling on about?  Really that I've been very lucky to have my needs met.  This year I have forged stronger bonds with others and I have broken bonds that held me back.  I have seen myself clearly and not been horrified with what I found (most of the time).  I am grateful for all the people in my life and for the people who are no longer in my life.

How about you?  Are you grateful for what you already have?  What you've never lacked?  Do you crave more things?  Are you standing in line on holidays trying to buy love in a fancy box?  Is your love for sale?  Did you get a good price for it?  What would happen if you gave a little less stuff and a little more love?  What if you received fewer things and more of the people in your life?  Ponder that the next few weeks.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

P.S.  I did want to say I am grateful to all the people who read this blog and have told me how it has helped them bless you and may your heart find all it seeks in life.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Munay-ki and Me

Greetings all,

It's been quite a week, and it is not quite over yet.  This weekend I once more  put on my traveling hat and head to Victory of Light Psychic Fair in Cincinnati.  In the past seven days I've made a speedy recovery, passed the munay-ki rites to a group of new people, and been developing a new healing method.  This has been my year so far, no standing still.

This post though I am going to talk more about the munay-ki rites and their effect on my path.  (For more detailed information I will post a link to Alberto Villodo's site at the bottom of this blog).  I received them from one of my teachers in the summer of 2007.  That was a packed summer.  I had also just received my third reiki attunement. In this case it acted as a double whammy.

The munay-ki are fire rites that come down from the Incan tradition of shamanism.  They start you off on your medicine road.  For me the going was initially tough my shadow rose up from the depths and bit me in the face.  It scared the poop out of me.  Since that time it has never been far from consciousness.  I made a deal with it, loan me some of its power and I would do my best to work on its concerns.  The truce has held more or less with times of lesser and greater discomfort.  I still experience fear, but a lot of times I choose not to listen to it, not all of the time but a good deal of it.  I've learned it is perfectly okay to not be able to deal with something right this moment.  It is okay to be broken, just be aware of it and don't let it stop you.

At this point many people will be like, "But I wanted magical powers don't these rites do that?"  Hollywood has ruined us all with the idea of what magical powers or indeed power itself is.  I'm not bending spoons or starting fires with my mind post rites.  If that is what you are looking for well I can't help you.  What these rites have done for me is start the process of building deeper heart centered relationships with the spirits of the earth and waters.  For me it has been about making the world family, that could be the spirit of the land I live upon, the ocean mother, the mountains, the sun and moon, ancestors, or the medicine people of the past.  This journey has made me feel supported when I show up to do work.  Did it give me magical powers though?  Well yes and no.  I will give you an example of something simple a "parlor trick"  if you will.  In the past studying with ceremonial practitioners one of the ways they would train the will was to try and control the wind or a candle flame.  I will be the first to admit I sucked at this.  A few years back though I had a candle threatening to go out on my altar.  Well I simply addressed it and said, "Oh Nina please be happy." (Nina is the name for fire in this tradition).  The flame perked right up and gave no more trouble after that.  Now I would like to make something very clear I did not make the candle flame do anything.  I asked politely as you would ask a family member to pass the pepper at the dinner table.  The universe appreciates good manners.  You can get a lot more accomplished by learning to relate and being respectful.  People have sometimes been a bit aghast at some of the things that happen around me, but I am always quick to point out that I don't make them happen I simply ask.  I don't always get an affirmative response either, and I am okay with that.

So personal evolution has certainly occurred.  When I have felt the most powerful however was when I was performing service on behalf of someone else.  This is not to say I haven't personally benefited from the rites and the healing work that accompanies them because I have.  It is very different from the ego idea of power.  This power comes from the heart.  It comes from our connectedness and our bonds with spirit.  I have more friends, more teachers, and more experiences than before.  I think that beats any parlor trick or pyrokinesis.

What about you?  What power are you seeking?  Is it the ego's idea of power or ability?  Does it serve only you or does it serve everyone?  If you wish to serve seek more power,  If you don't perhaps be content with where you are.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, November 15, 2013


Greetings all,

I hope you are doing well.  I've had a cold for the past week which is just now really starting to dissipate.  I was very disappointed because I had been doing so well this fall about not getting the seasonal sinus crap.  Last year I spent over a month (actually close to 2) being ill during the fall and winter.  I had a lot on my plate emotionally speaking.

Being empathic or sensitive has its drawbacks.  One of them is that my health mirrors my feelings quite a bit.  It is one of the reason some people view me as distant.  I really try not to get upset or be in the middle of upset (haha life kind of requires that).  When I am overwrought emotionally you'd be astounded how quickly I come down with something, sometimes within hours.  Of course that is usually after weeks of burning the candle at both ends.  I do tend to keep pushing myself and then get all frustrated when my body goes, "Hold up there partner I'm sitting this one out!"

This all stems from me trying to avoid confrontations with everybody.  Not a healthy habit I know, and one I am seeking to change.  I have to be pretty mad to call someone out.  This completely shocks people when it happens, they think they're dreaming or have strayed into the Twilight Zone.  I am downright cruel when I get that angry.  That silver tongue of mine has a sharp edge when it is pointed at someone.  Now usually someone has worked hard to get me that angry, so some might say they had it coming.  I would say that or part of me would.

The thing is you really can't make someone else responsible for your emotions…even if you are empathic.  Not unless you want to live life in a bubble or in constant victim mode.  See the thing is if someone has brought me to that point of fury odds are I haven't said anything to them.  I haven't just taken them aside and said, "Hey what you just did is not okay with me."  I could make excuses as to why this is.  I could say I did use to do that then I met an emotional tyrant who turned that against me.  It would be true and what is also true is that everyone else in my life is not that person.  (If however you are that person and you are reading this blog looking for a response here it is……ten years of silence was your response).

How does this apply to you?  All of us sometimes behave as if the person in front of us is someone from our past.  We live in our memories especially in our close relationships for those are the ones that have the most potential to hurt us.  It is hard to be vulnerable.  It is something I personally struggle with as I am sure many do.  I don't think there is any spirit or deity that would judge us for this paralysis of emotion.  I am able to do my work without mastering this.  I could happily go on with my healing practice helping people even if  I never progress into this level of vulnerability.  It isn't about anyone else.  Similarly whatever emotional or personal challenge you experience has no bearing on your "worthiness" it only affects the level of enjoyment you will take in life.  So maybe try to grow and change or not, either way know that it is only ever about you.  How do you feel?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, November 8, 2013

The First Commandment

Greetings everybody,

Lately I have been posting on Facebook about the First Commandment.  This is not to be confused with the judeo-christian First Commandment. I think it was watching a few videos about Russell Brandt's new messiah tour that sparked the idea.  In this age of wireless connections how can we know how our digital footprint will affect those yet to come into the world.  I thought well if on the very off chance that I become a messianic figurehead to some new sect of religion after I die, I wanted to go on record firmly about what I considered the most important guideline to live one's life.

The First Commandment of Thomas Mooneagle also happens to be the only commandment.  It is quite simply summed up as, "Don't be a dick."  It really is that simple.   Everything else is just filler.  The feast of the Mooneagle where you bring out the eagle piƱata filled with after dinner mints is just spectacle.  The plate spinning rite is a metaphor.  Any other ritual, ceremony, or bit of prayer is simply a way to distract the mind long enough to let you receive this great truth.  The world doesn't need more teachings.  It needs fewer people being cruel to one another.

If I take this ego trip for the full ride and I think I should, it will become apparent that even this simple truth will most likely be obscured in time.  Scholars would argue about the literal meanings of "being a dick".  Perhaps extreme feminists will take it to mean that men are inferior to women and must be firmly controlled and silenced.  Others will perhaps advise self mutilation of the offending male genitalia.  Even the enlightened few who know that the "being a dick" refers to behavior will quibble over what constitutes "dickishness".   Will dietary restrictions and clothing proscriptions be issued?

This is why I struggle with organized religions.  So sure of themselves and their scriptures, trying to define and categorize the infinite using the finite.  I am not suggesting that we abolish religion. I do think it is merely a starting point in our exploration into the infinity of consciousness.  I have never heard of a deity described in a way that would do infinity justice.  Spiritual community is important, but when it becomes too insular it becomes more extreme and judgmental.  People begin to selectively apply their beliefs to fit their egoic needs.  As we know the ego needs to feel special and likes to compare itself to others (well I do anyways).  One of the easiest ways to do this is to make others less worthy than yourself according to your belief structure.  In Anne Lamott's book Bird by Bird she wrote one of my favorite quotes of all time,  "You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” 

So what does this ego trip of mine into my possible rebirth as a messianic figure have to do with you?  Are you taking something too literally?  Are you following the form and losing the spirit?  Are you making things more complicated than they need to be?  Are you being a dick to someone?  Are you being clear with your words?  In a recent visit to a future potentiality my descendants shared with me a secret, "Be careful what you say for your words are with us still."  Given the nature of the internet they may have a point.  Ponder these questions and contemplate the possibility of yourself as a holy figure.  What message would you leave behind?

Peace and Blessings,

Thomas Mooneagle

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day of the Grateful Dead

Greetings all,

I am sorry to be late again.  I am really trying to not make this a habit, but events as you will see sometimes mess with our plans.  So this weekend was one of my teacher's Day of the Dead celebration.  It was a glorious festivity.  I brought a carload of friends to the party.  I was snagged the moment I walked in the door by my teacher to decorate a sugar skull.

There are a few things about the Mooneagle you should know.  If you give me colors and something to decorate I bliss out.  I love making things!  I love spending time with friends.  I love good food (it was a potluck and there was deer chili yum!!!).  I also love ceremony and we did that up right too.  We did despacho ceremony to honor our ancestors and ask for their blessings.  Despacho is completely different from gazpacho, the former means gift, the latter is a cold soup. (I suppose you could cook gazpacho but like revenge it is a dish best served cold).

Each of us added to the despacho, both items and prayers.  When they are assembled they are very colorful with flowers, candies, chocolates, ribbons, wine, and sugar.  You can get very creative with them.  So yes they are a blast for someone like me.  They are also very sacred when done with respect (which does not exclude laughter around the table).  Any chance I have to participate or create one I jump at.  I love working with the spirits and making them presents.

So the bonfire accepted our despacho package.  We sang, we beat our drums, rattled our rattles, didjed our didjeridus.  The night wore on and we went to work painting our skulls (again more colors more bliss).  Everyone was having a blast.  Then life decided to step in and one of my dear friends took a false step off the ramp on the porch and fell down…hard…very hard…so hard I was terrified she might have broken her neck.  The party was definitely over.

Funny thing about this was earlier that day I had put a new battery in my car.  It had been giving me warning signs that it was on the way out.  I am grateful, usually it is a complete surprise when the battery goes dead with this car.  I also put a full tank of gas in the car.   Well my friend had a compound  fracture and needed to goto the hospital and ended up having to have an operation.  The hitch was they lived in a town about two hours away.  So one of the friends I gave a lift to offered to help me get the car back to her house so her husband could drive it up later.  We drove most of the night.

I wondered today after I finally slept about the ceremony and the ancestors.  Where were they when this happened?  Well now that I look at the situation I can clearly see their hands all over it.  No they didn't push my friend off the porch, but they did guide her fall so that she didn't break her neck or back.    I had several warnings that I needed my battery replaced and hadn't been stranded in the process.  I had just enough people riding with me to be able to bring my friend's car back to her husband.  Spirit kept me safe and alert on my midnight drive, and we made it down to her place in fairly record time without speeding.  It was rather unbelievable.  We even managed to sing a bit to keep our morale up.

So what in the world does my day of the dead escapade have to do with you?  Well is there any situation in your life that isn't ideal but perhaps is getting you ready to deal with something else in a way to mitigate disaster?  Are the spirits softening the blows just enough so you can get what you need done?  Are you recognizing you are protected even in the midst of calamities?  I for one am grateful for the dead.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle