Friday, September 27, 2013

Certainty vs. Integrity

Greetings all,

The equinox has passed.  The days grow shorter as we move into autumn.  My drumming ceremony this past Sunday was wonderful.    I seem to have in the past year or so established a pattern of drumming alone on the equinoxes and in groups on the solstices.  I suppose that make sense in a way a solstice is the height of the light or the dark.  It is good to share those moments.  The equinoxes are about balance and ultimately no one else can balance us except ourselves.  I assess at the balance points of the year and celebrate on the terminal points.  That said the blessings that came out of the ceremony were palpable.  It literally woke a recipient 6 time zones away.

Okay now that I am done blowing my own horn.  (Or in this case beating my own drum.)  It is time to get topical.  One of the challenges of working in this field is conveying the value of my work to others. This goes for both the energy shifting and readings.  So much of what I do rests on the principles of uncertainty.  Become too certain or focused and you limit the field of possibilities.  I've seen other psychics claim over a 90% accuracy rating.  First off how in the world did they measure that?  I can barely remember what I said in a typical session beyond some of the highlights (and sometimes not even that).  Seriously what sort of records are you keeping on your clients?  I've also known some readers to "exaggerate" just a wee bit.   Generally I am trying not so much to be 100% accurate (as if that were possible) as to be helpful.  The map is not the landscape.  One of the best readings I ever gave was one that didn't come to pass because the client changed their path.

When it comes to my clearing and shifting work the uncertainty is the name of the game.  I am usually dealing in multiple parallel universes, ancestral patterns, and energetic structures.  Something will change I am just not exactly sure what that will be.  So when people ask me will a session help me ____ my response is that it very well could.  It could also address something far more pervasive in your pattern which may or may not affect what you came to see me about.  It is generally as useful though and it is what needed to happen rather than what you were focused on.  Still people want me to portray absolute confidence before moving into their field.  I really couldn't say until I am in the space of the work what is going on.  With clients who are in my year program I can't even tell where we'll be from session to session.  I could have a session that is completely shamanic in nature or I could be drawing mostly on some of the work I learned from matrix energetics,  Reiki, or my own personal modality (yes there is one in the works).

So what to do in a world dominated my marketing?  Rather than portray a false sense of certainty I do my best to stay in integrity.  It certainly isn't as flashy as most of the email campaigns and programs you see advertised on the web:  "Thirty days to a whole new level of prosperity!  Become your ideal body type after listening to these audio files for 8 weeks!  Manifest your perfect mate!"  So I do my best to be upfront  and honest with people.  I don't know what will happen in a session with me.  Something will shift, something will be revealed, but what I am not sure.  How could I be sure before you bring in your energies to the session?  I often give clients homework so part of the session rests on their willingness to follow through.  (I find it fair since my guides give me homework all the time).

So what about you?  Do you put on a false face to give the people a show of what they want?  Do you know when you are promising the moon?  Are you okay with giving people what they need rather than what they say they want?  Do you know the difference?  Do you know what you need or even what you want?  How high is your integrity?  We are all many things to many people for we are all many things within ourselves.  It is good to know how in alignment with our projections we are.  Contemplate that and maybe examine the promises that are made to you by others.  Which would you prefer certainty or integrity?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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