Friday, September 27, 2013

Certainty vs. Integrity

Greetings all,

The equinox has passed.  The days grow shorter as we move into autumn.  My drumming ceremony this past Sunday was wonderful.    I seem to have in the past year or so established a pattern of drumming alone on the equinoxes and in groups on the solstices.  I suppose that make sense in a way a solstice is the height of the light or the dark.  It is good to share those moments.  The equinoxes are about balance and ultimately no one else can balance us except ourselves.  I assess at the balance points of the year and celebrate on the terminal points.  That said the blessings that came out of the ceremony were palpable.  It literally woke a recipient 6 time zones away.

Okay now that I am done blowing my own horn.  (Or in this case beating my own drum.)  It is time to get topical.  One of the challenges of working in this field is conveying the value of my work to others. This goes for both the energy shifting and readings.  So much of what I do rests on the principles of uncertainty.  Become too certain or focused and you limit the field of possibilities.  I've seen other psychics claim over a 90% accuracy rating.  First off how in the world did they measure that?  I can barely remember what I said in a typical session beyond some of the highlights (and sometimes not even that).  Seriously what sort of records are you keeping on your clients?  I've also known some readers to "exaggerate" just a wee bit.   Generally I am trying not so much to be 100% accurate (as if that were possible) as to be helpful.  The map is not the landscape.  One of the best readings I ever gave was one that didn't come to pass because the client changed their path.

When it comes to my clearing and shifting work the uncertainty is the name of the game.  I am usually dealing in multiple parallel universes, ancestral patterns, and energetic structures.  Something will change I am just not exactly sure what that will be.  So when people ask me will a session help me ____ my response is that it very well could.  It could also address something far more pervasive in your pattern which may or may not affect what you came to see me about.  It is generally as useful though and it is what needed to happen rather than what you were focused on.  Still people want me to portray absolute confidence before moving into their field.  I really couldn't say until I am in the space of the work what is going on.  With clients who are in my year program I can't even tell where we'll be from session to session.  I could have a session that is completely shamanic in nature or I could be drawing mostly on some of the work I learned from matrix energetics,  Reiki, or my own personal modality (yes there is one in the works).

So what to do in a world dominated my marketing?  Rather than portray a false sense of certainty I do my best to stay in integrity.  It certainly isn't as flashy as most of the email campaigns and programs you see advertised on the web:  "Thirty days to a whole new level of prosperity!  Become your ideal body type after listening to these audio files for 8 weeks!  Manifest your perfect mate!"  So I do my best to be upfront  and honest with people.  I don't know what will happen in a session with me.  Something will shift, something will be revealed, but what I am not sure.  How could I be sure before you bring in your energies to the session?  I often give clients homework so part of the session rests on their willingness to follow through.  (I find it fair since my guides give me homework all the time).

So what about you?  Do you put on a false face to give the people a show of what they want?  Do you know when you are promising the moon?  Are you okay with giving people what they need rather than what they say they want?  Do you know the difference?  Do you know what you need or even what you want?  How high is your integrity?  We are all many things to many people for we are all many things within ourselves.  It is good to know how in alignment with our projections we are.  Contemplate that and maybe examine the promises that are made to you by others.  Which would you prefer certainty or integrity?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Greetings all,

The summer flew by and the fall equinox is coming this weekend.  I can hardly believe it.  The rate of change in my life seems to be increasing.  I'm very grateful that my social life has begun to pick up and simultaneously so has my business (coincidence I think not).  This whole year has been full of surprises and expansions along with some heartache thrown in to jumpstart me in new directions.

One of the big things I have been focusing on has been consistency.  Whether it was in keeping to a schedule, a practice, or intent.  I have had a year of inspiration in my artwork.  This I attribute to making the commitment to get together with my fellow artists and work together once a month.  I have seen my energies shift and strengthen, and I attribute this to regular ceremony and energetic practices.  My body has experienced more ease as I have become more consistent with both my tai chi and meditative chi kung practice.

I've heard inspiration is a fickle thing.  However I've found that if I strike while the vision is strong with me I can add to the momentum.  If I feel dried up on the inspiration front I can always work on something I sketched out earlier when the muse was flinging out ideas.  Often times when I start working new ideas come to me, but I at least get to execute what I had envisioned and give it life.  Skill comes with consistent practice.  Inspiration follows those that follow through.

2013 has been the year of establishing good routines and structures for me.  It may have something to do with Saturn moving through Scorpio (my moon sign).  I have found that the more I stick with something the better my overall energy becomes.  Several months ago I began a weekly prayer rattling ceremony to build energy and raise blessings.  It really does help me to bring in sacred power and bless those around me.  It helps me to continually sanctify the space in my office along with the smudging.  I smudge every time I come into the office.  All this builds up energy and pattern.  So much so that last week when I forgot to rattle, the energy literally tapped me on the shoulder and cleared its throat.  (So not to worry blessing recipients the ceremony was performed).

The last few weeks I have added a new energetic routine to strengthen and build my energy field in my heart.  I do this everyday sometimes for just a few minutes before sleep, but it is making a difference.  Some days I practice much longer, but the point is I practice everyday.  Since I began that practice my business picked up, I've been more productive in my art work,  and I just feel more coherent and satisfied.

So you may think well that's great Mr. Mooneagle but I don't have time for all that nonsense.  I work a normal job (or if you're here in America more likely 2 or 3).  The good news is that most things don't have to take up a lot of time.  Five minutes here, ten minutes there practiced consistently over time will yield a much stronger result than sporadically practicing something an hour or so at a time.  Using the in between times to practice something as simple as deep breathing with intent is enough to bring about a change in your awareness.  The key is momentum, and you get that by sticking with something over the long haul.  If you miss a day start again the next day.  It really is about the long term.

How about you?  Is there something you can do to change that is short and simple?  Are there affirmations or contemplations you could stick to your mirror and take a moment with when you start and end your day?  Do you have time on your commute, lunch break, or in your winding down time at night to spend  five minutes in prayer or meditation?  Do you have ten minutes to spare for some chi kung or yoga?  Can you take a short walk? What if you just took a few minutes everyday to focus on something uplifting and beam gratitude out to the world?  It doesn't have to be long.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  It just has to be something you do to anchor your intent to grow and change everyday.  Try something out for a few weeks, don't get overly ambitious just set aside five to ten minutes a day.  Turn off the computer (after you finish reading my blog of course).  Put the phone on silent, turn off the television and relax.  You'll be glad you did.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

p.s.  Leave a comment below to sound off on what practice you are taking up.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Look in the Mirror

Greetings all,

I hope this week finds you well.  This week I've noticed a lot of old habits creeping back in.  I've been doing relatively well with keeping to a schedule until this past week.  Although rather than berate myself perhaps it is simply a chance to look deeper into the mirror to see what is there.

A year ago I was attending the second meeting of the shamanic 2 year program I am enrolled in.  We paired up with partners and each of us had to journey for the other to see what to do to get ready for the next session.  I remember my partner was nervous before they told me my assignment because their guide had said I wouldn't like it.  Then she told me what it was, and I said, "They're right I don't like it one bit."  I still did the assignment which was to look at myself in the mirror for fifteen minutes right into my eyes.  No distractions, no music, just breathe and gaze.  Try it sometime, if you've never done it you may find it challenging to do for fifteen minutes.

Now I find myself finding reflections of myself everywhere.  (A wee bit narcissistic, for all I know I could be the reflection).  I was at a meditation this week hosted by a friend and we were opposites in dress.  I wore a white shirt and black shorts, they wore a black shirt and white shorts.  I've been seeing this white and black or yin and yang if you prefer everywhere lately.  The world it seems is one great mirror and that holds promise and peril.

Duality is the chessboard on which the game of life seems to be played.  People identify with one pole or the other.  "I am this, not that."  Some people identify by what they are against.  You see this a lot at election time when people say they vote for the lesser of the 2 evils.  They might not like their candidate, but at least it isn't candidate X.  (Political affiliations have been removed to reduce trolling, remember kiddos don't feed the trolls).  The world can seem that way, polarized and volatile.  As children we are socialized with that very basic structure something is either right or wrong.  Even in later life when we intellectually know there is more to a situation than the hero/villain lens we still use it.  We're conditioned to use it by our media culture.  It stops us from thinking too much.

A lot of change is stymied because of the duality mindset.  One thing people in power don't want is for others to be thinking rationally about issues.  If they do then those issues can't be used to divide and control them.  When we can't see ourselves in others we conversely end up seeing more of ourselves projected out in the world, particularly the parts we don't like about ourselves.  There is that peril I was talking about. The world will mirror back to us what we are again and again.  If we don't accept it and address it those reflections can become sharper like the shards of a broken mirror.

Some of you will be thinking well that just lets people off the hook for their behavior.  It doesn't really.  I don't reward unsociable or cruel behavior.  I also can't not see myself in that light.  I have seen the face of evil, and it is my own.  One train of thought that helps though is if you accept the idea of parallel universes.  In some cosmological theories for every choice that is made the universe splits off into parallel universes exploring every option.  So in some universes I am a psychotic killer who eats babies.   (I knew I should have turned left at universe 15664).  If you aren't sold on the idea of parallel universes what about reincarnation?  If you think you never played the villain you haven't been a student of history.   I played that role and being an overachiever I perfected it.  I mean I was downright malevolent, I would have fit in with any Disney villain.

So what does it all mean?  A lot of consciousness work focuses on coming into neutrality about things. From there a truly free choice can be made.  The surface of the mirror is where the power is.  It bridges the reflections.  Where is the mirror in your world, your consciousness?  Where does that reflection pop up for you?  Who brings the old patterns to the surface to stare back at you?  What about the promise I spoke of, well if everything is reflecting you back, then it puts you in charge.   If you accept your reflections and work within yourself then what is reflected back also changes.  An old magical theory states if you change yourself you change the world.  So what will you see when you chant Mirror mirror on the wall?   Will you choose promise or peril?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, September 6, 2013

Romance and Mystery

Greetings all,

When I told one of my teachers what the name of this blog post was going to be they asked me if I had fallen in love.  I have not, at least not in the traditional sense of the phrase.  I have been feeling a deep call in my heart these past few months.  Although if I am honest it really started last fall when I was on the road.  The call of magic and mystery was upon me.  Since then it has only increased the longing in my heart to experience even deeper more profound mysteries.

In some indigenous American cultures the Creator is referred to as the Great Spirt or Great Mystery.  While I am not myself a member of any Native American tribe I've always liked that idea.  It has a great resonance for me.  As children so many things are mysteries or magical.  Our walk through the world inspires wonder and delight.  (For those of you who didn't have that experience it is never too late to have a happy childhood).  What I love about referring to the Divine as a Mystery is that it leaves a lot open.  It covers both the personal aspect of a being that wishes to love us, and also all the wonders that we don't quite understand.  It invites us into a sense of the sublime,  that uncharted nature of the feeling of mystery where we know something is going on, but we aren't sure quite what, is so important in taking us beyond the fields that we know into a larger and if we so choose more magical world.

As I have been connecting with people in the past year I have realized I am not alone in this yearning.  Many people are feeling the call.  They want to taste magic.  They want to touch it, feel it and see it.  What I have also noticed is that many people are not wanting to put the work into it.  They want Mystery on Demand. I've ranted before about the perils of wanting something quick and easy when it relates to spirits and magic so I won't repeat that now. What I will say is why would Mystery want to experience you?

This is not a judgment by the way.  I am saying one of the effects of experiencing Mystery is a profound change in the self.  If you're  not willing to change why would Mystery visit?  You are sending off a signal of "That's alright I don't need you, but could you do a few parlor tricks for me this evening."  I have been thinking of it like having a romance.  If you were trying to attract or keep a desirable partner you'd take care of yourself wouldn't you. You'd watch your hygiene, your manners,  and handle your personal affairs in a way to minimize drama.  You wouldn't just hang out on the couch watching TV eating garbage and expect to date the man or woman of your dreams.  (People that are easily offended should be aware this is a metaphor and has nothing to do with perceived standards of physical attractiveness).  You'd expect to put some effort into courting that certain someone.  You may join a gym, learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.  You might be really brave and learn to dance.   So why wouldn't you put the same level of effort into experiencing Mystery.

One of the great realizations in the past year or two for myself was that if I wanted the kind of life I dreamed of, I would have to change to be the type of person who could handle that life.  I would have to have the level of energy to maintain that life, and have the emotional/mental flexibility needed to manage it.  It is natural for us to want more of that elusive wonder.  It takes some effort like any worthwhile relationship.

So what about you?  Have you been longing for more magic, mystery or meaning in your life?  Have you been trying to romance the Mystery into spending time with you, or have you been more interested in the latest gossip?  Do you make time to meditate to improve your mental/emotional hygiene so that you look all sparkly to Mystery?  Are you more interested in getting even, than moving on?  Have you been demanding miracles, while simultaneously not making space in your paradigm for them?  Romancing the Mystery is a full time job, but in my opinion it is the best damn job to have.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle