Thursday, June 27, 2013

Somewhere under the rainbow

Greetings all,

I hope you're enjoying the summer sun these days.  I feel like time is flying by.  Last Friday I had my summer solstice drumming ceremony.  I've noticed a pattern to my drumming ceremonies.  I seem to drum solo on the equinoxes, and in community at the solstices.  That seems to be just how it has turned out so far.  Every ceremony has been an opportunity to touch spirit and share love and gratitude for all the support I receive.  Sometimes spirit decides to touch us back.  Hmmm that didn't come out the way I meant it.

I started these ceremonies last year when I began my Year of Transformation service.  I wanted a way to gather the energies of the seasons for my clients.  When I began I was drumming just for myself, then my family and loved ones, now I've got people all over the world who I am drumming for.  It has been amazing to watch the seed I planted grow with each ceremony strengthening the energy of expansion and transformation.

 I had such a good time drumming in a big group at the winter solstice (there were about 150 people drumming for that ceremony) that I decided I wanted to drum with a group again.  So I got clearance to use the space where I've been teaching tai chi.  Urban Unwind Holistic Massage & Bodywork has a great community room perfect for classes like mine.  There is also plenty of space for a group of drummers.  I'd been posting and reminding people for a month or two about the solstice ceremony, and also reaching out to people from across the country to drumwith us at the same time to link with our energy.

The solstice day itself was packed full with clients, personal healing work, networking, and the call of the drums.  I arrived early to set up and was greeted by rain.  The sun was shining still, but within moments of getting the drums and rattles up the stairs we had a full on thunderstorm raging directly overhead.  The rain was falling from 2 different directions and the sun was lighting up the drops like falling diamonds.  It was magical, and I hadn't even opened the circle yet.  As people began to arrive they put their mesas onto the impromptu altar we created.  As I began to build the circle I got called to the door again to witness a rainbow descending to right across the parking lot; it ended in a tree aligned with our door.  I'd never seen the end of a rainbow before.  I was beginning to get excited we'd had the spirits of the sun, rain, wind, thunder, lightning and now rainbow...all the summer weather spirits I could think of off the top of my head.  They had all shown up to bless us.

Now I know this is more of a report than a musing, but it was such a miraculous day that I wanted to share it with you and especially those of you who are part of the Year of Transformation and the quarterly drumming ceremonies.  We drummed for a long time and sang and danced down the sun of summer.  We threw our prayers into the center, and all of your names as well.  We blessed our ancestors and prayed to heal old wounds from the past.  We prayed to drink down the sun.  We finished with journeying to the spirit of the sun to receive blessings.  It was what most people would think of as magic.  The rainbow came, though I did not call it.  The rain and thunder came, and I did not call it either.  I was simply grateful for it.  It made me feel honored like a sign I was walking the right steps along the path of spirit.  Some people would call it coincidence, some would try to duplicate the experience, and others (and I think them the wisest) would simply treasure it.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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