Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winds of the Equinox


Spring equinox already I can hardly believe it.  Especially with a temperature near freezing.  I have been enjoying the small maple blossoms in the tree out back.  The changing light slightly brighter than winter's silvery sun has been highlighting the grey limbs and red blossoms against a clear blue sky.  So it was a lovely if cold day when I set out to drum at the local park.

Those of you who know me or have visited my website know that I always do a special drumming ceremony on the equinoxes and the solstices.  I started that last year when I designed my premium service the Year of Transformation.  It has been a wild ride for me just conducting them.  Who knew the change that would be unleashed for me by just facilitating for others.  Sometimes I wonder why do I even do this work because it does force me to adapt constantly.  Sort of like a mama bird pushing the babies out of the nest so they learn how to fly.  (Hint I am not the mama bird in that scenario).

So I went to the park mostly because I thought the other tenants in my office building wouldn't appreciate me banging on my very loud drum in the middle of the workday.  It was that or wait till after hours and with the return of more light I wanted to drum during the day.  Performing ceremony in a public space is always a little bit intimidating.   You never know if there is going to be a crowd, a school group on a field trip, people with excitable pets, policemen with their own ideas about acceptable public noise making, and the odd heckler who just has to interrupt your sacred ceremony because they think you look foolish.  (I happen to think I look foolish too, but it isn't confined to ceremonial time).  All these things were running through my mind, and yet I had a spiritual commitment.

So I arrived at the park and probably due to the cold almost no one was there.  A few joggers were in the distance from where I set up on the picnic tables.  When I began the winds picked up.  The crows called out, and as cold as it was I could feel the power that is spring come forth.  A co worker of mine told me about the winds of the equinox a year or so ago, that they come through suddenly.  It felt right to be outside as cold as it was in the wind drumming to welcome the spring, honoring my teachers, my ancestors, the spirits that help me, all the people in my mesa, and my own self for committing to a practice.  It all came together a sacred rite performed on a picnic table.

So where can your claim sacredness amidst a human world that seems to have forgotten it?  Are you like me sometimes afraid of showing your power? Do you like me spend time worrying about what others think, if so how much?  Do you carry shame for not being like everyone thinks you should be?  If you answered yes to any of these questions don't worry you're in good company.  I don't suggest we shouldn't give consideration to the feelings and beliefs of others.  What I do suggest is that we carry less fear and shame about our own sacred nature.  Allow the rhythm of nature to fill you, and maybe you will hear the sound of a drum on the song of the wind.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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