Friday, March 8, 2013

Ghost chakra

Greetings everyone,

Today I thought I would do a more technical blog.  Well technical for my field of play that is.  Chakras, specifically what I call ghost chakras.  Many people have heard of the spinning vortexes of light either in yoga traditions, healing energy modalities, or meditative practices.  Basically they are energy centers where information from the larger field gets routed into the body's systems.  Besides the the visceral function of the organs each chakra also influences areas of life: creativity, relationships, sexuality, will power, sense of self, imagination, psychic ability, and connection to spirit.

So what are ghost chakras?  Well they don't wear sheets and go, "BOO!"  At least none of the ones I've encountered do.  What I refer to as a ghost chakra is when a condition , thought form, or entity has set up an extra energy center within a person's field to sustain itself.    I guess I should explain what I mean when I say thought form too huh.  I refer to a thought form as a pattern of thinking or idea that has been thought so much it basically takes on a life of its own.  It acts independently of the person who originally created it.  That's not to say all thought forms are bad. Some are quite helpful and useful.  (For instance if you constantly thought how lucky you are or how you always seem to meet the right sort of people).  Entities I generally don't ever think of as helpful if they are occupying your body.  Basically they are living rent free, leeching energy at best, creating behavioral problems at worst.

With a condition that has set up a ghost chakra it makes it extra difficult to get rid of the condition for good.  You may experience relief for a time, but then it bounces back.  With entities it is like leaving a door open or not getting the keys back from your ex.  It can just waltz right back in, or even if you banish it to another plane of existence some other troublemaker will come along and find you've left your back door unlocked.  Thought forms can actually function like entities if they have enough coherence and energy behind them.

So now that I have thoroughly freaked you out (this is like the bed bugs of the energetic world just makes you itch to read about it doesn't it)? What to do about it?  Well if you do regular maintenance on your mind/body connection you probably get most infant ghost chakras before they fully form.  Regular sea salt baths are a good idea.  They are generally good energetic maintenance and an excuse to spend a long time soaking in hot water. You can always say, "Hey this is for my spiritual well being!"   If you work with your chakras regularly just scan your field after you work on your "normal" chakras (numbers will vary depending on which system you use).  I tend to see them as sort of half transparent and a misty gray, and they are usually leeching off of one of the main chakras.  How they appear to you may be different.  If you find take it out.  Think of it like a weed in your vegetable garden get it from the root and don't leave any strands.

I was recently removing ghost chakras from a friend and thought, "Geez I should have added this to  the Quantum Chakra Clearing when I did it."  Now the cool thing about how I did that event was the space I did it in.  When I do events I will often set up a workspace outside of space-time.  A spirit guide gave me this hyper dimensional cube that I can expand to encompass a person, space, time, or all of the above.  So I thought to myself for a moment and realized I could add it to the download even though I hadn't yet done it when it had been recorded.  This is the cool part of what I refer to as retro-active causality.  Basically an event in the future can affect or cause an event in the past.  It's a lot to wrap your mind around for sure.  Sometimes I send myself a little energy from one moment in time back to a point where I needed it.  It's good to help yourself out after all.

So my avid readers whomever you are you may be asking how does this apply to me?  Well chakras are useful ideas and symbolic placeholders for concepts (like any system).  You could have someone in your life who is functioning like a "ghost chakra".  Someone who is diverting your flow of energy or attention from the things you need to stay healthy and happy, and using that attention or energy to simply maintain themselves.  An activity or job that takes more than it gives back could also be a "ghost chakra". So take stock now and then not just of your energy field but your relationships, your activities, and your commitments.  Could be time to do a little ghost busting.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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