Thursday, February 21, 2013

To share or not to share that is the question???

Greetings everyone,

So I've been wondering lately about how personal I should be with my blog posts.  On the one hand making them more personal and engaging may create more opportunities to connect with people on a deeper level, but on the other hand I may lose a bit of the mystique that is often cultivated in my profession.  There is a tendency for people to put those in the magical and healing arts up on a pedestal as these "spiritual masters".  I remember a few months back being chewed out for a posting I put up on Facebook that was a less than loving comment about a certain hate group.  I can be very tongue and cheek and say things like, "If corporations are people that means I can poison them right?"  (Don't worry I am not turning this into a political commentary blog).

I most likely will end up sharing some of my experiences because with the new weekly format I kind of have to.  I know many mainstream people think I sit in my cell and ruminate on the mysteries of the universe until some profound insight comes to me that I must share with the people of earth.  Rarely is it like that, for one thing I don't have a cell.  Being plugged into the subtle energies does not in fact make me an avatar.  I have the same issues that everyone has (plus a few more occasionally of the metaphysical persuasion).  I often tell people that if magic could solve all of your problems I wouldn't have any.  That is not to say that magic can't help, it can however you need to develop maturity and responsibility especially where the spiritual arts are concerned.  You won't get very far in the spirit realm if you don't develop your own personal integrity.

While I do embody the traits and energies you see in my videos, that is a part of me.  I have other aspects some are more gritty and raw.  (Have you seen my twisted but funny playlist?) Of course at the heart of the issue is fear (isn't it always though, annoying little bugger isn't he).  The fear that if I show too much of myself people won't want to work with me.  On the other side of the argument maybe by showing people how human I am it will make it easier for people to relate to me.  It's one of those please some of the people some of the time sort of things, or maybe it is like those logic problems I used to have to do in math class in high school.  You know the ones with the island where half the people told the truth and half the people were liars.

My goal with my blog has been to keep people in the loop with what I am up to and to share any bits of wisdom I may have picked up in my experiences.  I also try and remain respectful so when I do have a conflict I don't name names or say too much about the situation, but rather just what I learned from it.  In this world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube do we share too much detail and lose the spirit?  So I am going to put it to you dear readers.  Do you share too much or too little of yourself?  Do lose anything with ingesting the minutia of people's day or does it give you a sense of their soul?  Do you give away your intimacy to strangers?  Do you expect people who are public personalities to be completely formed ideals for you to respect them?  Do you then turn that intense lens on yourself?  Does it keep you from interacting in a larger community?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle


  1. Another question I might poses is even deeper than a possibility of losing the "mystique" of your profession. What is really the underlying human negative trait that would bring one to that "fear" (for lack of a better word)? I inject that that may and many times does in human beings arise due to one of the most destructive forces to the delicateness, and the very soul of a human that can affect character as it's end result, which is quaintly referred to in psychology fields as id or ego. For in reality, how many can attain to a practitioner's skill level except by diligent instruction and years of practice. One cannot merely attain this by simple association via words. One can honestly only lose one's mystique if one steps out of "character" which is an exhibition of one's level of saturation of that mystique. Peace...a'ho ~PJ~

    1. Ah "fear" is an old friend that I have known for many lifetimes. A teacher of mine once said, "Fear is a tremendous servant, but a lousy master." Luckily for me I at times choose not to listen to it.