Thursday, February 28, 2013

A sprinkle of magic and coincidence

Greetings everybody,

Each week I worry that I won't have a topic for the next week's blog.  It seems that life is helping me out with it though and I need not worry.  That said on with the show....

This week I have amazed about how things have just been coming to me.  Resources, material, clients, food (yummy), and just opportunities in general.  This started with Valentine's Day.  Now don't fret this is not a romantic story at all.  I did not find true love in some sort of Romance Comedy plot.  (Although I wouldn't put it past the Universe to play a joke like that on me.  If there is one thing I know it's that the Universe appreciates a good comedy).  I was listening to a tele-seminar about the energetic heart.  Come to find out that I had some pieces of my heart missing from years back.  Well nothing quite stirs me into action like a quest (I did use to play a lot of video games), and I began my sojourn through space and time to gather some of these pieces back together.

So the stage is set for what has been going on this past week.  I retrieved my first heart piece last Tuesday right before a client appointment.  This is one of my regulars who comes for a reading every month.  This reading just flowed so much easier than normal.  I felt really good about it, even proud.  There is something you should all know.  I am very self critical when it comes to my work.  Whether it is in my artwork, readings, or healing work,  I tend to view my work under a microscopic lens looking for flaws.  So when I am happy with my work that is saying a lot.  My client was ecstatic about their reading and in fact found it so useful that they decided to see me every other month instead to allow them to work with all the goodies I had uncovered for them.  So my ego immediately goes, "Oh crap that's half the rent!"  After they left I looked up with a faraway cast to my eyes and said, "I guess that means you're sending me more people right?"

It is hard to tell this story in order because it came together in fragments (much like my heart is coming together).  I will pick up the threads I promise.  The week continued on and I had an amazing string of coincidences, coupons arriving the day after I decided to go out to eat at a particular restaurant, finding a bit of junk that I can use as material for art projects, people giving me useful items or even great deals.     So Friday rolls around and I am in the office meeting with people and seeing clients and at the end of the day I get a surprise client.  Out of the blue which totally makes up for the revenue from the rescheduled regular.  It could all be coincidence...if you believe in that sort of thing, but I am sorely tempted to pin it  on the restored piece of my heart.  Maybe it is just me noticing how much things go right on a regular basis.

The Universe is always doing something for us even if it just providing us air to breathe.  It is very easy to forget how much help we receive on a daily basis.  There is nothing we do or accomplish by ourselves.  It is all a group effort.  Gratitude is about acknowledging everybody's part in our journey.   We as human beings tend to spend an awful lot of time focused on problems and what doesn't go right. If you're reading this it means you have a lot going for you right now.  (Yes even you...and you know who I am talking about).  You must have access to electricity and a computer of some sort.  You've probably eaten today.  So start paying attention to all the things the Universe brings to you free of charge even if it is as small as a penny you find on the ground.  Have you in the past week managed to get a free meal or one at a discount?  Have you walked into a store only to find the item you need is on sale?  Have you had a tool or raw material for a project given to you?  Did you happen to run into the exact right person to help answer a question?  Did google find you the perfect recipe or tell you exactly how to do something right on the first try?  So start noticing the little gifts that are flowing to you all the time in every day life.  You'll be amazed if you do.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To share or not to share that is the question???

Greetings everyone,

So I've been wondering lately about how personal I should be with my blog posts.  On the one hand making them more personal and engaging may create more opportunities to connect with people on a deeper level, but on the other hand I may lose a bit of the mystique that is often cultivated in my profession.  There is a tendency for people to put those in the magical and healing arts up on a pedestal as these "spiritual masters".  I remember a few months back being chewed out for a posting I put up on Facebook that was a less than loving comment about a certain hate group.  I can be very tongue and cheek and say things like, "If corporations are people that means I can poison them right?"  (Don't worry I am not turning this into a political commentary blog).

I most likely will end up sharing some of my experiences because with the new weekly format I kind of have to.  I know many mainstream people think I sit in my cell and ruminate on the mysteries of the universe until some profound insight comes to me that I must share with the people of earth.  Rarely is it like that, for one thing I don't have a cell.  Being plugged into the subtle energies does not in fact make me an avatar.  I have the same issues that everyone has (plus a few more occasionally of the metaphysical persuasion).  I often tell people that if magic could solve all of your problems I wouldn't have any.  That is not to say that magic can't help, it can however you need to develop maturity and responsibility especially where the spiritual arts are concerned.  You won't get very far in the spirit realm if you don't develop your own personal integrity.

While I do embody the traits and energies you see in my videos, that is a part of me.  I have other aspects some are more gritty and raw.  (Have you seen my twisted but funny playlist?) Of course at the heart of the issue is fear (isn't it always though, annoying little bugger isn't he).  The fear that if I show too much of myself people won't want to work with me.  On the other side of the argument maybe by showing people how human I am it will make it easier for people to relate to me.  It's one of those please some of the people some of the time sort of things, or maybe it is like those logic problems I used to have to do in math class in high school.  You know the ones with the island where half the people told the truth and half the people were liars.

My goal with my blog has been to keep people in the loop with what I am up to and to share any bits of wisdom I may have picked up in my experiences.  I also try and remain respectful so when I do have a conflict I don't name names or say too much about the situation, but rather just what I learned from it.  In this world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube do we share too much detail and lose the spirit?  So I am going to put it to you dear readers.  Do you share too much or too little of yourself?  Do lose anything with ingesting the minutia of people's day or does it give you a sense of their soul?  Do you give away your intimacy to strangers?  Do you expect people who are public personalities to be completely formed ideals for you to respect them?  Do you then turn that intense lens on yourself?  Does it keep you from interacting in a larger community?

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, February 15, 2013

Magic in the making

Greetings everyone,

I hope you had a great week, and a nice Valentine's Day.  I know it is not everyone's favorite holiday.  Still for some people it is a blissful day with the one they love and I can hardly fault that.  This week saw me on the road.  Once a month I have a craft day with my good friend Jenny the Bear (grr).  I go south to her farm and we visit and make things.  Currently we're working in wood making staffs and prayer sticks.

I remember from a very young age being fascinated with talismans and objects of power.  They appear in just about every mythology and folklore around the world.  Special items that hold their own power, a power that can be used to change and shape the world around them.  Examples range from the sword Excalibur to the Ring of Power.

When I first started a magical path I was obsessed  with  acquiring amulets and wands.  Terry Pratchett in his discworld novels has a very wry attitude about the magical supply trade.  One character in particular named Granny Weatherwax says it best, "She's one of them that thinks you become a witch by shoppin."

Over the years I have used fewer props and the ones I do make use of have been acquired in special ways:  a stone from a teacher, a cloth brought to me from a sacred site, a singing bowl bought in celebration of graduation.  The emotion was as important as the item.  In the past few months I started entertaining the idea of making my own tools for myself and others.  It started with a charm I made for a friend going through a rough time.  Having been involved in the arts for over a decade I'd finally felt confident enough in my craft skills to make something with focused intent.

There are two ways an item becomes enchanted.  The first is taking a chosen object and imbuing it with intent and some of either your power or an invoked spiritual archetypal power.  The second is to make something and put the intent into it during the creation process.  This is something favored by those who are creative with their hands because all the decisions in the process of making something can contribute to the overall meaning and energy of a talisman.  There is of course a third approach which is  a combination of the two.  You make your object with intent and then also ceremonially imbue it with energy.

So what does this have to do with you?  Well a lot really.  Talismans aren't the only act of making that create change.  Have you ever gotten so involved in a creative project that the energy of that alters your world in some way?  Maybe during the making your reevaluate a relationship.  Maybe you make a life altering decision.  Maybe you start to experience increased synchronicity.  I've had the experience when working on a highly personal piece of feeling like the universe itself was speaking.  So whether you are making an amulet or painting a space put your creative spark into it.  When we use our intent and create consciously we not only transform the material we are working on, we transform ourselves.

Happy making,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Activation 2013

Greetings everyone,

I want to start this post by thanking everyone who wished me a happy birthday last week.  I also want to apologize to all the people who have left comments or questions in the past for this blog, I only now discovered how to to check the comments section.  Rest assured I was not purposely ignoring you.  I'm doing my best really.

This past few weeks I've been manic with activity.   Most of the changes I've been making I've thought about for months (if not years), but for some reason since 2013 began I've been on a mission.  I've had an overhaul in my relationships, my business, and my art.  The question that's been running around my head is why now?

The new year often brings a focus on making changes in our lives.  I usually start off with grand plans and think of how productive I'll be once spring hits.  I generally fall quite short of the season's promise. This year I've taken steps that far outpace what I would accomplish in six months of efforts.  Reworking the Year of Transformation  in the first week of the year, would usually be enough for me to sit on my laurels for a few weeks, but then I went through and updated my whole shopping car, reorganized this blog and youtube channel, hosted a teleconference with a very intense energetic download (that is still integrating for me and the others), put up a new shifting video, started more networking opportunities and been making new artwork.  That's not half bad for not being quite 6 weeks into the year.

What's odd is most of these changes I've had the skills or knowledge to accomplish ages ago.  However it is only now that I've gone out and done them.  I was always waiting for the time to be right or for some sign, and that sign or circumstance was something I always looked for outside of myself.  The sign if that is what it is didn't look anything like that.  It was a deep calling from within, like something just turned itself on.  So the basic reason of why now was I realized that I could do these things.  The first rule of manifestation, "It must first exist within you."  I had to be able to conceive of myself moving forward not just have the raw skills, but I had to believe in those skills.  Some things continue to be a challenge, but I intend to keep this momentum going as far I am able.

How about yourself?  Is there something you've thought of doing, but never began?  Are you putting your plans into the future instead of today?  Is there some step you can take today that will move you even the slightest bit closer to your dreams?  You are here today in 2013 a new age what if you turned on that switch inside of you?  Turn on the switch that says you can and you can do it now.  Believe in yourself, take that next step, I'll be there taking my own with you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle