Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Silent Treatment

Greetings everyone,

So I am doing my best to blog more often.  This means that my posts will probably be more brief, but I think it is important to get my ideas out there when they are fresh and not hoard my musings so I can update with a long post every other month.

I wanted to talk about something I have noticed happening with my healing practice in the past 6 months.  I've been doing both live events, and teleconferences for a few years now.  Recently the feedback I've gotten has changed.  People used to be bursting to talk about an event right afterwards sometimes to the point where a the questions and comments part of a teleconference call would be longer than the shifting portion of the call.  Now when I ask for responses after a live event all I hear is silence.

Apparently I knock people out of consciousness when I am doing some of these more intense group sessions.  I've worked with other healers where I simply couldn't follow their event consciously.  It was like being asleep, but still physically awake.  My mind just went somewhere else.  A few of my friends have said it is because I've taken everyone into a very deep state.  While I am grateful we are accessing these profound states my ego still wants to know the event was a success.  I'm always hungry for feedback.  This comes from being a people pleaser, something I've had to tone down a lot to be more effective working with people.  I do my best to give people what they need (which isn't always what they want).  When I do these events I myself also get shifted, and this most recent event to Remove Religious Programming from the Deep Mind hit me hard.  I had several days of physical detoxing which started less than an hour after the call.  I was really worried that with the silence from the participants that everyone was having a similarly intense detox.

So one of my friends suggested I make a Facebook group for people to share their experiences with me after they've returned from LaLa Land and had time to process.  It was easy to do, and yet I was still telling everybody I knew, "I just made a Facebook group!"  Like it was a major triumph of the human spirit.  Maybe it is (even though it was easy to set up), it made me consider that things must be going well if I think I need a group to track the responses to my work.  So if you're on a call with me or attending a workshop and your tongue is off in another dimension you can tell me all about it later on my new group.  Oh the name is the best part, "Mooneagle's Holy Shift."  I thought a little pun never hurts.  Join in the discussion and be the remedy to the silence.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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