Saturday, January 19, 2013


Respect we praise it, crave it and sometimes demand it, but what is it? I've often said you can respect without love, but you can't have love without respect.  It is vital in any relationship, whether it is in business, social or love life.

I think there is often a misconception on what respect is.  Often times it gets confused with titles and ranks.  Some people  think that if you are respected you have license to do what others are not permitted to do.  I rather think it is the reverse the more respected you are the more careful you must be in your actions.

I'm fortunate to have many people in my life that I respect.  I've had excellent role modes of what respect is, and how to behave in a respectful way.  What I have gleaned from them is that respect is the compassionate acceptance for a beings' individual thoughts, feelings,  and experiences.  This doesn't mean you agree with everyone at all, just that you allow everyone to have their own experiences and make their own choices.

Respect has a vibration (just like love has a vibration) that is necessary when working with spirit helpers (or human beings for that matter).  It is working with rather than dictating.  With respect a being's value is not held to be more than the value of anyone else.   Personal boundaries are honored.

So that sounds simple right?  Well here is where it gets a little more complicated.  Besides respecting others we must simultaneously respect ourselves.  It is this balance of learning to honor our own heart while treating with others equally that is the trick.  A saying I read a long time ago sums it up nicely, "I am no more than anyone, and I am no less."

Developing the vibration of respect along with gratitude is probably one of the most spiritually powerful things anyone can do to transform their relationships.  So think before you speak, make sure you are honoring all parties (remember that includes you), and look for those around you that make respect into an art.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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