Friday, September 7, 2012

The Temple Is Established

Greetings everyone,

This summer has been one of challenges, but also growth.  The big news is that I have an actual physical office now.  I can meet people for face to face sessions instead of booking a room here and there I have a permanent place for my work.  This is a huge step for me and I am very excited about it.  This will allow me to see more people and do more of the work that I love doing.

I spent at least 2 months scouring the city to find just the right spot and where I ended up is basically perfect.  I have a small room with all utilities included and a conference room that I can reserve.  This is my first space that is totally my own for my work.  I have set the space and am continually adding to the energy.  Just being there relaxes me.  So that is my epic win for the summer.

So having a space that is yours and that is dedicated to your spiritual work is important.  My office is my temple.  It is a place where magic and mystery abound.  It is a place both within and outside of space-time.  Finding a spot whether it be a corner of room, a walk in closet, or just a shelf with your sacred items can be very empowering.  Spending time there fills us up, renews our spirit, and empowers us on to accomplish our goals.  I have my first clients coming in the next week, and though I am still putting the finishing touches to the space and furnishings I am excited to get started with seeing clients again.

Many of my friends and loved ones have had personal tragedies in the last few months while simultaneously breaking through to a whole new life.  When we are challenged it becomes ever more important to celebrate every victory and success.  Life doesn't take a break so we have to give ourselves a huzzah!  So I encourage you to build your own temple.  Find that spot that is sacred for you.  Create your own magic kingdom (or queendom), and begin to dream a new world into being for yourself.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle