Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dream a little dream

Dear imaginary readers,

I greet you in this way because I really don't know how many people actually read my blogposts. This one will be a short one. As the title suggests it will be about dreams. I've been working on dream incubation lately (for those of you unfamiliar it is when you implant a theme, idea, or question you want to dream on in your subconscious). So I have been paying extra attention to my dream life. It has rewarded me with vivid story and imagery.

You never know where one day will take you. Case in point, yesterday I had very few planned activities for my day. However at about 10PM I had the chance to go on an impromptu road trip with a friend. She needed a ride to Cincinnati to meet up with her husband who drives a truck. So when I would normally start winding things down I suddenly was off on a night drive under the moon with a blanket of snow upon the hills.

Flash backwards a bit to the night before. I dreamed I was in the hometown of my grandmother, and there was a volcano erupting. This is very odd since there are no volcanoes anywhere near grandma's house, however in my dream escape I ended up in Chattanooga unexpectedly visiting another relative.

Flash forward, it is after midnight and I have arrived safely with my friend to our rendezvous point. We walk up to the truck and on the door it says "Chattanooga, TN." Coincidence you might think, but I am not so sure. What I find amazing is that my dreaming mind knew I would be going to Chattanooga unexpectedly (if only metaphorically) even when I had no intention of going anywhere that night. Dreams are a funny thing, they can be terrifying, pleasurable, and sometimes prophetic. In some cases dreams teach us how moldable our life is. Life is but a dream, and we're the dreamer. So take care with how you seed your dream, make it good, make it loving. If you do you might just get to dream a little dream with me.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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