Friday, November 9, 2012

Habituation of magic

Greetings blog readers,

I don't even know how long it has been since I have written.  It once more has been a whirlwind of activity.  I've been on the road through Ohio the past month for my first Universal Light Expo.  It was a great show and I always love working for my friends at the Tomstones booth.  I got to teach a class Gateway to Transformation and left the students speechless.  That seems to be a running theme when I teach these days, people are unable to speak at the end.  It's a wonder I don't teach preschool, that would be a handy talent to have there.

Travel took its toll and I ended up getting sick right before Halloween.  I missed out on all the parties.  I am still shaking off the last bit of this nasty bug, but it is on its way out.  The gift in this has been the extra time to rest and reflect on things.  I've been looking at other practitioners' websites and videos to see where my work is going and where it fits in.

I've noticed a trend.  People tend to use big words (not necessarily long ones but big and shiny) to describe their work and experiences.  It is sometimes very hard for me to self promote.  It goes against a lot of "humility" teachings I absorbed as a child in a religious family. However it isn't just that, I tend to describe things very simply without a lot of flourish and glitz.  It isn't that I haven't had profound and very mystical experiences because I have.  It's not that I take them for granted so much either.  The difference is in what I call the habituation of magic.  Habituation is something I learned about in one of my psychology classes in college.  Basically when we have a sensation that persists we don't tend to notice it after a while. It's like when you put your hand in your lap.  You feel it at first but unless you shift positions a lot you won't feel it after a moment or two.  So the habituation of magic basically is when you are constantly surrounded by magic it becomes part of your everyday background.

I noticed this first with readings (something I've done for 20 years).  The first few years I did them they seemed so magical and "out there."  Now they are pretty ordinary to me (not that they aren't valuable it is just the process I've become habituated to).  The same happened after my Reiki attunements.  Here I thought was high magic and now I fall asleep channeling Reiki to myself and others.  Do I appreciate these things still, yes of course.  However I don't tend to talk about them in a wide eyed blow your mind (or your aura) lexicon.  They are natural, communing with helping spirits, deities, angels, power animals I find very valuable, but also very everyday.

I think this is why I don't blog as much as some other people do and why my product descriptions are somewhat reserved.  In a perfect world I'd have someone else write them.  So here I am surrounded by magic all the time and trying to connect with people who have a need for it.  I just don't know how to dress it up sometimes for everyone.

So this past month I've been reconnecting with my magical roots and the wonder of discovery.  Doing my best to experience the the thrill of the mystery while being familiar with various energies that surround me.  It's a balancing act to become proficient yet stay in the wonder of it.  I think it is worth the effort though not just because it allows me to effectively communicate the power of what I do, but it helps keep my heart fed with joy of a magical life.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Frequency of Gratitude

The talk of gratitude is all over the metaphysical and new thought logo sphere these days.  It seems teachers are always talking about gratitude.  Many of us have a lot of associations that come along with gratitude.  I'd like to talk about the energetic aspect of it, and remove the moral trappings it is often dressed in when spoken about.

The Divine surrounds us and interpenetrates us at all times.  It is constantly stretching out its hands to us in this three dimensional state of being.  It wants to help us.  The Divine consciousness wants us to be happy, but even more so it wants us to be joyful.  To me happiness is a surface emotion, an amusement with the pleasant circumstances we find ourselves in, and that is not to discount the value of happiness, fleeting though it may be.  Those moments carry us through life as bright touchstones and beacons on our soul's journey.  Joy is a deeper feeling it goes all the way down to our core, it's a state of being in the world with a heart on fire with the passion for all the shades of color that life brings to us.  Part of the joyful path is gratitude, and finding fulfillment in the present moment.  Everyday there are many "perfect" moments if we stop to notice and honor them.  It can be the quiet of the twilight on a summer eve, the sound of the wind and snow in the heart of winter, or just the soft pull of music late at night.  All these moments have a gift within them, and they can lead us to that deeper state of joy.

So why don't we feel this way all the time?  Why can't the Universe just set us down into our heart's desire?  Well that pure Divine awareness operates at one end of the spectrum of vibrational frequencies and we operate on another end.  If we want to be reachable we need to be grateful.  I don't mean we need to say thank you (although it is always a good idea and shows good manners) we need to be in the  energetic frequency of gratitude.  That is more than a thank you, it is a feeling of truly valuing and appreciating where you find yourself.  That energy moves our vibration into a band of frequencies that is reachable for that Divine consciousness to embrace and help us.

It doesn't matter how much or how little you have in a particular moment in time.  If you can hold that energy of appreciation you can reach out and touch the infinite "I AM" presence.  When I was at my lowest point in my life and very ill I came to a point where I was able to feel gratitude for every person who had ever been in my life no matter what they had done.  I am still amazed that I reached this state during that time of great suffering.  However after I finished mentally thanking everyone (and feeling it deeply as well) I had a direct experience with the Creator.  The presence was so vast but also within myself and it conveyed love and concern about me.  I was told I was loved and that I was made for a specific purpose (no I wasn't told what that purpose was...spoilers) and that was a huge turning point in my life.

I've been very aware of the help I have received since that time.  The help was always there, but it couldn't reach me because I wasn't in an energetic state that was reachable.  Gratitude is about energy not about manners or obligations.  We cannot recognize the wonders around us unless we carry that energy through our lives.  The frequency of gratitude works miracles because it brings us into contact with the infinite.  Does it bring us everything we, but it will often bring us what we need to grow more fully into our joy.  May it grow more fully with you every day.

Peace & Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Temple Is Established

Greetings everyone,

This summer has been one of challenges, but also growth.  The big news is that I have an actual physical office now.  I can meet people for face to face sessions instead of booking a room here and there I have a permanent place for my work.  This is a huge step for me and I am very excited about it.  This will allow me to see more people and do more of the work that I love doing.

I spent at least 2 months scouring the city to find just the right spot and where I ended up is basically perfect.  I have a small room with all utilities included and a conference room that I can reserve.  This is my first space that is totally my own for my work.  I have set the space and am continually adding to the energy.  Just being there relaxes me.  So that is my epic win for the summer.

So having a space that is yours and that is dedicated to your spiritual work is important.  My office is my temple.  It is a place where magic and mystery abound.  It is a place both within and outside of space-time.  Finding a spot whether it be a corner of room, a walk in closet, or just a shelf with your sacred items can be very empowering.  Spending time there fills us up, renews our spirit, and empowers us on to accomplish our goals.  I have my first clients coming in the next week, and though I am still putting the finishing touches to the space and furnishings I am excited to get started with seeing clients again.

Many of my friends and loved ones have had personal tragedies in the last few months while simultaneously breaking through to a whole new life.  When we are challenged it becomes ever more important to celebrate every victory and success.  Life doesn't take a break so we have to give ourselves a huzzah!  So I encourage you to build your own temple.  Find that spot that is sacred for you.  Create your own magic kingdom (or queendom), and begin to dream a new world into being for yourself.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breadcrumbs on the path

Greetings everyone,

Summer is quickly flying by us all.  Before you know it the fall will be here.  I tend to get sad this time of the summer when it is past the solstice and the fourth of July.  I start thinking the trees will be turning soon.  To quote a book, "Winter is Coming."

Like many people who made plans to do so much once the warm season starts I have fallen short of my goals.  It seems like I make little to no progress.  Although lately I have been taking small steps each day towards accomplishing some of the tasks I set for myself at the beginning of summer.

For several reasons I have been lead to seek out office space to expand the work that I do.  For the past few years I have been primarily web based for my energy shifting work.  I do love my distance work that I do for people, but traveling and working with people in person made me crave that face to face interaction.  I will still be doing distance work, but I believe that meeting clients will make all my sessions more valuable to my clients.

I began looking for office space in June, and it is nearly August.  I've had a few leads but still haven't settled on a space.  I've often felt discouraged and thought that I have been dragging my feet.  Yet each delay has served me and led me further along the path.  Like the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, my guides leave me little breadcrumbs for me to follow.  I've met more people and have started to see who would make a good office mate.  So in that respect I have moved forward.

From the outside it looks as if nothing is happening.  That is often the case with me.    I have found my process is a slow one usually, until the last moment where all the little steps finally seem to add up in a way that makes sense. Then everything moves very fast (people even might think I am impulsive), but things had been moving that way for months or  years.  It is easy to become frustrated with ourselves when our timeline doesn't match up with the universe's or the expectations of others.

So why am I writing about this?  I am sure many of you are moving towards your goals, and it may seem that you are getting nowhere.  I say be patient with yourself and your world and deal with what is in front of you.  Look for signs along the path to keep you moving one step towards your dream.  If you think you aren't moving fast enough don't get upset and don't berate yourself; growth happens when you are supported not when you are criticized.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time Shifts

Greetings readers,

Sometimes in the midst of the biggest shifts it can look like not much is happening on the surface.  In the past month I have scoured the area for office space and have looked at quite a few maybes.  I've quietly begun working on my next cycle of pottery.  I've also been looking at deep rooted patterns within myself that keep me from stepping into my full power and joy.

The chaos of life seems to still be surrounding me.  Currently I have a friend a recovering from a major stroke.  Within my immediate family I've had someone suffer a minor stroke this week.  Many of my loved ones are struggling hard with personal issues.  They have reached a precipice and are struggling to find a way past it.

I have had many people ask how I stay so calm.  My secret is that I am most often not calm.  I simply appear that way.  I feel the fear and anxiety like everybody else (in some cases more so), but I do my best to radiate a calm exterior.  The world needs no help from me to freak out.  I have found that I can be afraid and yet still do my best to remain in love for the ones I care about.  I have learned I don't have to be perfect to provide valuable service to others.

When I designed my Year of Transformation I knew that I would shift along with the participants.  I simply didn't realize the breadth of change that would occur within me.  My mind still passes through Crazy Town on a regular basis, but it seems as if I don't stop there as long as I used to.  For those of you who are waiting to be perfect or more confident to accomplish a life goal or purpose, stop waiting and get moving.  If you have a temperament like mine you'll never "feel ready" to tackle the next leg of the journey, but you will be ready despite your own doubts.  As an example I will let you know that I always experience a real discomfort when I hear my voice recorded, whether that is an audio file or one of my videos.  It grates on me and I can get really self conscious and critical on myself.  The interesting thing is that people know me from my videos and my interviews, and so I just have to let that self critical voice go.  I still hear it, but after doing enough videos and audio events I am able to accept me...mostly.

So what is the point of this post?  It is to let you know that I feel change coming all around me and within me.  I feel change coming into the world even though the exterior looks crazy.  Part of my job is to help anchor and hold a vision of a world and a life that I wish to help create.   Ask yourself what shifts are going on in your world that no one else sees.  Give yourself credit for any changes you've made to better yourself or your world.  Find that place where you can be afraid, but still touch the vibration of love.  Hear your fears but don't listen to them.  When you figure all that out let me know, because I will want tips.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

p.s.  If you want to hear my latest interview the link is below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beyond the beyond

It's been a long time since my last post.  I've been traveling a great deal the last two months.  I've gotten to connect with clients in Maryland and Virginia.  I've been to a faery festival in Pennsylvania.  I have begun a shamanic initiation that will be ongoing for the next two years.  So I have had plenty of things to blog about, but as soon as I get ready to write something the next thing comes up.

Right now we are beyond the places that we know.  The energy of this year has been intense and has myself and many others playing catch up.  Lately I feel like I have been at the eye of  a great storm watching events whirl around sending the possibility waves crashing wildly into the lives of those close to me.  I have walked in on a friend being fired, had a coworker break their back, another friend lost their house, other friends considered leaving long term relationships,  and my closest friend suffered a stroke just 3 weeks back.  It has taken me far past the limits of what I thought I knew.

My days have been spent reorganizing as the life that I knew slips away.  That is okay change needed to come.   I was just hoping it would come in a gentler way.  Circumstances have forced me to really move on things in a more assertive and focused manner.  I am looking for an office space to help expand my healing practice.  My travels showed me how much I love working with people face to face, and now I am finally ready to consider myself "worthy" of having a dedicated space to meet with clients.  I have accepted a wholesale order for some of my pottery for the first time.  Just yesterday I had my first interview via blogtalk internet radio.

In the Faery Oracle (one of the divination devices I use) there is a card called the "Topsy Turvets"  this usually appears when people are delayed, there are big obstacles, or life is just plain messy.  They are the universe's demolition/construction crew.  They often say things like "Don't mind us we're just busy rebuilding your life, you may have to take a slight detour just follow the signs."  They remind me of the time we had the kitchen redone, and for 6-8 weeks we had no running water in the kitchen, no floor, no stove, and no counters.  It was a terrible nuisance, but afterwards our kitchen was transformed into a beautiful open space.  So if your life is crazy right now, it is because you are having some remodeling done.  Just think of that kitchen island you've always wanted, and believe that through the mess it awaits you.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

P.S.  If you want to hear my interview the link is below.  (I start about 7 minutes into the program)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy/Hard really?

Greetings bloggees,

Bloggers write the blogs, and bloggees read them. It's a good arrangement. An easy one if you think about it which is what this is all about.

You have no doubt heard the expression "No pain, no gain." This is usually said repeatedly in the gym. However most people have adopted this as their mantra. While effort is important it is a bad idea to ascribe the belief that any thing you want to do or manifest has to be hard if you want it to turn out well. Now I don't suggest that you just wing it on everything. What sort of role model would I be (I'm a role model now when did this happen)? What I am saying is that when you believe everything has to be hard to be effective you tend to manifest more challenging obstacles. If you like that sort of thing then read no further enjoy the all the challenges you want.
Life will challenge you. There is no need for you to go out and seek difficulties for your own personal growth, they will seek you out; that is the beauty of things. Right now you may be wondering what is the point of this blog...patience grasshopper the good stuff is coming.

I once prided myself on getting through college without having to take any public speaking courses. I had just graduated and was working at my first psychic fair when the fair director said, "Oh by the way all the readers are required to give a 20 minute talk or lecture." Apparently the universe has a public speaking requirement, and while you may not have to take speech, you will be required to speak in front of a group. There are no exceptions. I didn't have much trouble though preparing a lecture once I picked a topic, I just picked something I knew well and organized it a bit and then gave my talk. It was easy really. Was there effort? Yes there was a little bit of thought that went into it (more organizing what I knew to communicate to people who didn't know about the topic).

So let us flash forward to the recent past. I was leading a shamanic circle (it was my turn this month), and I was to prepare for the group our focus for journey work and ceremony. In the past I have listened to people tell me about how many journeys they did to prepare. In this instance I only did one journey so I was beginning to feel like a slacker. I mean I obviously didn't work hard enough or take enough time right? Again I wasn't a slacker, I had done ceremony everyday for a whole lunar cycle, but that was easy and :gasp: I even enjoyed it. Do you see where this is going? I apparently thought I hadn't suffered enough to get good material for the circle. What a silly notion that was!

I recently began offering year long subscriptions for a premium service for my site called the Year of Transformation at (Shameless plug I know). It is basically 12 hour long sessions spaced one a month for a whole year, with drumming ceremonies to amp up the power on the equinoxes and solstices (I love to drum hurray). In talking with a client they kept saying over and over they didn't care how uncomfortable it made them or how much it hurt so long as their condition changed. Aha, there it was the same belief or rather a variation. Change has to be hard, hurt, or be very uncomfortable. Of course being myself I never have beliefs like that run through my head (did you catch the sarcasm in that last really). Some change is hard, some change hurts, but does it have to?

One of the things that may help us all out in this year of changes and shifts is the idea that change doesn't necessarily have to be hard. Some of it can not only be easy, but enjoyable. Change is inevitable, so if we examine our attitudes and beliefs about it we do ourselves a great service. Change is the constant in our life, the other constant is love. So remember the Universe loves you and wants you to be happy. It is working on bringing the change in your life that you desire, and if you adopt a more relaxed idea about change that makes its job a lot easier.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dream a little dream

Dear imaginary readers,

I greet you in this way because I really don't know how many people actually read my blogposts. This one will be a short one. As the title suggests it will be about dreams. I've been working on dream incubation lately (for those of you unfamiliar it is when you implant a theme, idea, or question you want to dream on in your subconscious). So I have been paying extra attention to my dream life. It has rewarded me with vivid story and imagery.

You never know where one day will take you. Case in point, yesterday I had very few planned activities for my day. However at about 10PM I had the chance to go on an impromptu road trip with a friend. She needed a ride to Cincinnati to meet up with her husband who drives a truck. So when I would normally start winding things down I suddenly was off on a night drive under the moon with a blanket of snow upon the hills.

Flash backwards a bit to the night before. I dreamed I was in the hometown of my grandmother, and there was a volcano erupting. This is very odd since there are no volcanoes anywhere near grandma's house, however in my dream escape I ended up in Chattanooga unexpectedly visiting another relative.

Flash forward, it is after midnight and I have arrived safely with my friend to our rendezvous point. We walk up to the truck and on the door it says "Chattanooga, TN." Coincidence you might think, but I am not so sure. What I find amazing is that my dreaming mind knew I would be going to Chattanooga unexpectedly (if only metaphorically) even when I had no intention of going anywhere that night. Dreams are a funny thing, they can be terrifying, pleasurable, and sometimes prophetic. In some cases dreams teach us how moldable our life is. Life is but a dream, and we're the dreamer. So take care with how you seed your dream, make it good, make it loving. If you do you might just get to dream a little dream with me.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovers in Light

Greetings everyone,

Happy new year! I can't believe I haven't updated since last year. The holiday season came with some sadness in my family. Since then I have been busy working in the studio, working on writing pages for my website (no they aren't posted yet), and doing some internal work. So far winter has been mild. Still the days are short. I always miss the light.

So comes the minor holiday of Valentine's Day. I've always had a rather shaky relationship with the day. Being empathic it is rather easy for my heart to be a bit over sensitive. For a very long time I hated Valentine's Day, it was a constant reminder that I didn't have anyone to share my life with. I still don't for that matter, although I don't over pump the day with drama because of it anymore. However there was a time where I would say things like "Valentine's Day is punishment from God for single people."

For those of you who subscribe to a harsh God who deals out judgment and retribution you may wish to stop reading right now. I won't be offended in the least. People have asked me if I believe in God, to which I usually reply flippantly, "No that would be like believing in the mailman why encourage Him?" However if you talk about the infinite enough and particularly if you try to pin your rotten experience of a holiday on a God don't be surprised if they show up.

It happened like this. It was Valentines Day perhaps ten years ago or maybe nine, but a bit back the year doesn't matter so much. Well that's not true I was probably a few months in to hanging out around magical folks for the first time in my life. (When you hang out with magical folks a lot things tend to get magnified). So it was coming round to my least favorite holiday, and I kept repeating my blame of the holiday that shames us singles on a deity. (If you think there is going to be any hanky panky coming up you are in for disappointment). I stopped by a friend's work to see them, and their mother was there selling raffle tickets for charity. The prize was a big lover's basket of Valentine goodies from wine and candies and cute stuffed singing teddy bears, $100 cash, and about a hundred dollars in scratch off tickets. I loathed the sight of the thing, but she really needed to sell the rest of the tickets. It was for charity and I never thought I would win.

Flash forward to Valentine's Day I get a voicemail that I have won the grand prize. Yes I was the proud owner of heart shaped chocolates, 2 elegant wine glasses, a bottle of white zinfandel(which truthfully is more a blush wine than a white wine), the cash, the tickets, and one duo of teddy bears that sang "I got you Babe." The irony was not lost on me. Rather than see the Creator as a vengeful and wrathful deity I think He's (gender is up for debate on this one) more like a great cosmic joker. I know I often feel like the punchline to some mysterious joke. However in this case I certainly earned it, I walked right into that one. It was a nice way though of getting me to stop reinforcing that awful belief that I and all singles were being divinely punished every February the 14th. Plus the scratch off tickets netted me another $20, so I must say the Creator is a good sport.

So whether you are single, married, or some status in between (what does it's complicated mean?) just know that you are loved. It might not seem very comforting minus the lover of your dreams, but it is true. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, and remember to keep joy in your hearts for all those who have found someone to share their life with.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle