Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reset button

Greetings everyone,

The first month of 2011 has come and gone. For many it has been a challenging month with weather events more frequent than the norm this year and also for the tail end of 2010. Many of you may have also had an uptick in vivid dreams over the past few weeks. It seems as though guidance is reaching out for us. I have been busy working on commissions as well as getting better organized to allow more business into my life. It has been a year of clearing the decks so to speak and making sure all parts of the system are taken care of. In the past month I've met with an accountant, purchased new equipment, started work on new furniture, and have done some deep inner work.

There is something about energy work and shamanic work that makes me constantly have to rebalance. This is a good thing.. However when I fail to keep up with the rebalancing and give myself time to process I can and do get sick. As a person in the healing arts there is sort of a stigma about being ill. There is a belief that we are somehow above all that. So not true. If I don't get enough rest, eat enough of the right foods, deal with situations and feelings, well my system is compromised and I get out of balance.

Illness for me often acts as a reset button. I rest more. I catch up on correspondences. I balance my checkbooks. I also drink more fluids, and cut out unnecessary contact with people. Many times I fill my days with conversations and talking more than I really have time to do and get all of my tasks done. Often I will cut time out of self care for chatting. When I am sick I just don't have the energy to do that. I completely focus on myself and getting better. I renew my connections with healing rites and energies. I see where I am not balanced. I try and make the time valuable. That being said I would prefer to be well.

I already feel myself opening up to more possibilities this year. That is exhilarating and scary too. I've felt shifts in my personal energy and that of the world around me, and it has been a challenge to remain grounded and balanced. This pushing of the reset button is a reminder that I need to take time to be outside and catch the light of the moon, sun, and stars. I need to break up my routine so that I can be more invigorated when I am in a routine. Most importantly I need to address my insecurities when they arise as small seedlings rather than wait till they grow into trees. So in this last stretch of winter do yourself a favor and get out in the world. Touch the earth, look at the sky (cloudy or not), rest, and keep moving towards your dreams. Don't give up and don't wait till spring.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle