Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Manifesting self acceptance and love

The key to so many situations is to just be okay with who you are. I don't always manage it, but on the few occasions where I have it has been the most freeing and lightening experiences in my life. The ability to just accept and love yourself in the face of the overwhelming evidence that life provides you of your imperfection is a talent. Perfection arises from imperfection. If you find yourself berating yourself take a breath. View the video above as often as you feel you need it. Coming out of the holiday season we can all be a little worn out from stress of trying to create the "PERFECT XMAS" or whatever holiday you celebrate. Movies, televisions, and books have painted an illusion that at this time of year we are able to be more open and compassionate. Often times we are so stressed from trying to make everything perfect that we can forget the most important thing which is to cut ourselves and our families some slack.

I too have been guilty of expecting others to behave in a certain way for "the holidays". I tend to be more judgmental of myself about how my body looks, how successful I am, or how well I am liked. I also notice when I am treating myself this way I tend to project that onto others. That's not exactly the holiday spirit I want to convey. In light of that it is extremely important for me to remember what is going right and to honor that. One of my prayer practices is to say after meditation " I pray beauty into my heart, I pray beauty into my mind, I pray beauty into my body, I pray beauty into my relationships, and I pray beauty into my work."

Take time to honor yourself this winter, to reflect on what is right with life and the world. A billion processes must be working flawlessly for you to continue breathing each second. There is beauty to be found in winter's heart.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle