Friday, September 10, 2010

Safety first and upgrades

If there is anything that is routine is finding out just how much more I have to learn about or how much of former patterns I need to transmute. A good friend of mine recently said "We're shamans we're not afraid of anything." I think of it as more like an affirmation, we are in the process of making it true. I have realized my own deep seated patterns of conflict still lie beneath the surface of things. I also realized that I still get scared about things. Surprise dear reader Thomas Mooneagle is not perfect (yes I know I was shocked too).

So I have returned to my practice of contemplation. Now I am contemplating who I am in the absences of conflict real or imagined. I'll let you know when I get there. Work continues as it always will in this life (and the next one and the next one in all likelihood).

So now I want to talk about a few things like fear of bad juju. The dark side is out there and it is not wearing plastic armor. It is big and spooky and there are some nasty things that can sting quite a bit. However it's nastiest trick is making you think it is more powerful than you are.

Any one of us is capable of reaching out to the Divine and being heard. That is what the Big Nasties out there are afraid of the most. The fact that we will realize Divine aid is available 24/7 free for the asking and there is no call center that will put you on hold or transfer you to a remote office somewhere on the other side of the globe. If we remember we have access to Divine Protection, accept it, and put our fear on ice till we feel it kick in, well then their number is up. The trick of course being able to do this and not panic when we're in a crisis. So start building the relationship and trust now when you're not in crisis. If you are in crisis well get someone to talk to you who understands where you are emotionally.

Rant over, time for the good news. Due to recent learning experiences and to some power animal helpers (thanks you know who you are) my curse eater has been upgraded. In accordance with my playing rules all other curse eaters have been updated with the upgrade free of charge. All future upgrades will be automatically streamed to happy customers everywhere.