Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Echo of the Dreamtime

Today was the very first didgeridoo workshop held here in Louisville. As many of you who have sat in circle with me know, I've had a didgeridoo for several years and I love to play it for gatherings. However, I've never really had much instruction and hadn't ever mastered circular breathing or animal calls through the didge. So together with Linda Roe, we coordinated to bring up didgeridoo expert Michael Bacon (he will deny being an expert but that is what I am calling him).

We had 2 full workshops starting this morning at 9. We broke for lunch after noon and then the second class began around 1:30. Many of us were quite out of breath after several hours of making quite ridiculous and indigestion like sounds on our didges. There were several times when not just myself, but most of the room broke out into laughter as our drones fell flat and turned into something sounding more like a bathroom noise. Okay I will type it...we made sounds like loud farts. LOL! I had considered just taking the intermediate workshop since I've had my didge for several years, but I am so glad that I took the beginner's workshop too. I have been apparently been droning in a way that is not quite correct. So next time (and yes there will be a next time) I'd encourage any didge enthusiasts to take both classes.

Apart from fart jokes which none of us voiced, but we were all thinking, Michael also demonstrated his healing modality which combined reiki with the spirit of the didgeridoo. Many of the participants felt the energy move up their spine and out the crown of their head. I felt it moving up, but it swirled in my heart and sort of radiated out from my face and circled the crown. It was a very visceral feeling of warmth and vibration combined with the awareness of the subtle energies moving within me. Personally it sparked several artistic ideas with me and I have a list of tasks to now bring new creations to life.

One of the more memorable moments was a question Linda asked Michael about the sound of the didgeridoo. If the drum is the heart beat of the mother earth what is the sound of the didgeridoo? Barbara Bloecher (also in attendance) always says that the sound of the didgeridoo is the sound of creation. However I had a flash of another way to describe the sound. I hear the didgeridoo as the echo of the dreamtime.

Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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