Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quickening fire

So summer has been here in a humid way. I try and get out as much as possible because the season does tend to fly by so rapidly. Lately in the evenings I have been noticing the fire flies being more active than I remember seeing them in years. I have also discovered that occasionally they aren't fire flies at all, but some of our faery cousins. It has become like a game to catch them in the act. If you want to play too look for the lights that are just a tad off in the shade...greener, bluer, or whiter than the other fire flies. Whether you catch a glimpse of a faery masquerading amongst the fire flies it is still a beautiful sight. So make sure you take time in the warm months to get out and experience the beauty in the greening of the world.
You may think I have just been sitting on my behind watching the pretty lights, but you would be wrong. Last Sunday I worked at the Healing Clinic held here in Louisville. I read for several people, and I got to hold space for healing one of the healers. I've created a new product which I am testing this month which will be posted up on my main site for sale in a few weeks. I call it the "curse eater"; basically it eats the negative stuff people hurl around at each other and farts out hearts and rainbows. I do need help describing it a bit more artfully, as I don't want to put the word fart on my business website. I've also been working in my studio in preparation for a kiln firing (about time), and I have been preparing for the summer workshop that Leslie and I will be cofacilitating. We are proud to offer once more our Communication with Faeries Devas and Nature Spirits Workshop. We've got our marching orders from the fair folk, and we've already got people signed up.
Next month we'll be hosting a dijeridu class which I am stoked about. I will finally get to practice with a teacher and perhaps get the circular breathing down. I may also in July start reading runes from a local shop once or twice a month. Come August I may be teaching about runes, and I have offers to go up to Columbus Ohio and teach a class on something in the fall. Leslie has been just as busy with her writing career. We've been working hard on making our dreams manifest in the world around us. This blog is part of that as is my youtube channel, Leslie's blog, and my business site. I was down earlier this week counting what was wrong, but I remembered today to count all the things that are right. Do yourself a favor and count all the things are working for your benefit. Be good to yourself and each other and come out and see us at one of our events. We love connecting with you.
Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

p.s. Let us know if you read our blogs too....sometimes I wonder if anyone does. LOL

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