Monday, April 19, 2010

From the field of possibilities

Sorry I've not been posting. I have been overwhelmed by responses for the weight management sessions. So far just the feedback from the first sessions with my participants has been very positive. I am so glad I'm doing this even though it has turned my schedule on its ear. People have told me that their entire relationship with food has changed in an effortless way. I like that. Conscious eating has many benefits beyond our own health. I find that when I am more conscious of what I want to put in my body those effects ripple outward into the marketplace and reward food producers that are more responsible in how they treat the world we live in. I'm lucky to have a friend with a farm who raises chickens. I invite all of you to make friends with farmers so that you can taste what real farm fresh eggs taste like. This spring has been touted as the worst allergy in the past 15 years. That said I'm doing pretty well considering. If nothing else it makes us all so grateful to those rainy days that cleanse the air and bring in those lovely charged ions that make the outside so alive with portent. The air after a good thunderstorm is like a gift from the sky. Bless the rain, bless the sun when it shines. Say hello to wind as it wafts through the trees and your hair. Bless the new leaves on the trees and the birds that are singing so much now. If you see a crow say, "Hello cousin." It is good to feel that nature is our family, because in a very tangible sense it is. Love it and sing it into balance beginning within yourself. That is what human beings can become a conduit for the grace and harmony in creation.

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