Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Wraps

Hello everybody,
August was intense. The Baltimore Seminar was deep and I'm still feeling shifts occur because of it. I am doing my part to stay in the state of the Matrix more often and really integrate the mode of thinking into life. There were many amazing coincidences (if you believe in those sorts of things) that were ongoing on our travels. Ganesha the Hindu Godform who is the Remover of Obstacles has shown up and sort of adopted us for the time being so the next few months should be interesting. Collectively the Haven's crew has got a lot going on. Leslie has got a book under consideration by an agent and I am opening my schedule to see more clients for reading and energy work of all kinds. Jenny is gathering her crops in and processing food for the upcoming winter. This week on Sept. 10th is our Matrix Energetics Interest Group where we invite people in the community to experience what we've learned. Oh yes and I've started a new round of youtube videos that experiment with time and causality. I hope you get a chance to watch, experience, and comment on how things shift for you. Check it out here

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