Friday, July 24, 2009

Deva talking

Well this past Saturday was great. All our participants had a profound experience talking with stones. We all communicated with a variety of stones and then shared our observations, and we all received similar messages from each stone. We began with "ordinary" stones and progressed up to crystals. Each stone had messages to impart though and none more important than any other. So you don't need an expensive mineral collection to begin speaking with the stone people. Start with a rock you find in your own backyard. Part of our work in our Faery and Deva workshops is to infuse our everyday lives with magic and the wonder of a living universe all around us. Next month we'll be moving our schedule around a bit to accomodate our trip to take the next Matrix Energetics seminar. We'll come back most likely stranger and even more wide eyed with infinite possibilities. Then we'll let the fun begin!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The ever expanding Matrix

We had another jam packed matrix energetics interest group. We've been drawing people in from all over the region to experience the shifting of the quantum matrix. Each month the field grows with all the people who contribute and come out and play. We reconnected with past attendees and they let us know how the shifts we began together have been playing out in their lives. It seems noone leaves unchanged (ourselves included). The best part is that we're having so much fun doing it! If you haven't been out yet to experience matrix night come see us next month. We'll be moving our night to accomodate our travel plans. Both Leslie and I will be taking the next matrix energetics seminar. We're looking forward to our Wizard's training. Hope to see all of you soon.