Saturday, June 20, 2009

June retrospecting

We've had an exciting month so far! Between all the lovely rainstorms which I know all our gardens are appreciating we've had 2 wonderful events. On the 11th we had our matrix energetics interest group and we had 8 attendees who had never been before. So we hope you enjoyed your trip through the quantum fields of possibility. Today we hosted the Faery and Deva Communication Workshop. Our ongoing conversation with nature spirits and their people continued with tree talk and a journey to speak to Deva of the retreat center property itself. Our next workshop in this series is July 18th the 3rd Saturday as usual. We have noticed that a lot of people we know have been a bit run down this summer. So make sure to take a little extra time to rest and renew yourself. I myself had been feeling quite wasted until this past week. All work and no play makes the faeries jealous. LOL. So as the summer heats up take things slow enjoy the scent of green growing things, talk to wind, cloud and sun alike. Thank the rain when it falls. Tell your friends how much you enjoy their company (and if you don't enjoy their company find some new friends). Goto a park, forest or lake and spend the day. Make shorter to do lists. Look at the summer stars and remember the moon's light on your face. Watch the fire flies. Do all these things and you'll have the fire of summer going in your heart in the middle of winter for you to draw upon. Happy summer solstice.
Peace and Blessings,
Thomas Mooneagle

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