Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who are we anyways?

The Havens - We're the people singing the magic back into our world wherever we can, bringing creativity, healing, and the mysteries back into modern life.

Compassion Retreat Center - The place we work from our base of operations our physical space in this world. We even have a mission statement. We share heart centered wisdom with all beings who desire: Peace, Joy, Spiritual Healing, and Freedom.

The players -

Thomas Mooneagle: Intuitive (he "knows" things) Reiki Master, Artist, Tai chi practitioner, and Faery Friend.

Leslie Moise Ph.D.: Intuitive (she "knows" things), Reiki Master, SKHM practitioner, Author, and Horse Friend.

Jenny the Bear: Grrrr!! Herbalist, Reiki Master, Raiser of Happy Chickens, Artist, Problem-solver (she "knows" things too), and Plant Friend.

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